e-governance Current Affairs - 2020

National Conference on E-Governance held in Mumbai; National E-Governance Awards presented

The 23rd National Conference on E-Governance was held in Mumbai to transform governance using digital technologies. The conference adopted Mumbai Declaration.


The Conference also assessed the national e-governance services being delivered by all the states and Union Territories. Delhi, Chandigarh and Daman and Diu emerged as the leaders in delivering e-governance services among Union Territories. Among the states, Haryana and Rajasthan emerged as leaders.

The Conference also awarded the National E-Governance awards.


The awards were presented to government entities that excelled in implementing National E-Governance initiatives. National Health Authority and Ayushman Bharat received gold awards under the category of government process re-engineering for Digital Transformation. Under the category of providing citizen-centric delivery of services, Department of IT of Haryana received the gold medal.

The golden award for outstanding research on citizen-centric services was presented to IIT Roorkee’s Satellite based agriculture information system. Among the North-Eastern States, Nagaland won the first rank.

RBI to release Digital Payment Index by July 2020

The Reserve Bank of India announced that it will create a Digital Payment Index by July 2020. The main aim of the index creation is to capture the extent of digitization of monetary payments in the country


With the launch of Digital India and the GoI’s push towards Digital Economy, the digital payments in the country has been growing fast. In order to monitor the digital payments, the Central Bank is to release Digital Payment Index. The index will reflect the penetration of digital payments in the country.

RBI has planned to introduce classification in the index. The classification will include rural, urban and semi-urban geographies.


The Index will help to study the impact of policy interventions that are being taken by the GoI.

Factors influencing digital growth in India

The five factors that are influencing digital growth in India includes low data tariffs, rise in videos, widespread use of OTT (Over-the-top) platforms. Today India ranks the highest in video making platform.