Employment generation Current Affairs - 2020

National Employment Policy

The Ministry of Labour is to fast track the National Employment Policy. The main idea of framing the National Employment Policy is to lay out a roadmap that will provide incentives for employment generation.


The policy will aim at absorbing additional 5 million workforce every year. Also, the policy will focus on formalizing 500 million workforce in the country. It will also ensure social security and job security for them.

The policy will frame a road map to provide incentives for employment generation. Also, the policy will focus on the challenges thrown by the COVID-19 crisis.


The National Employment Policy is to be framed focusing on twin objectives as follows

  • To attract new enterprises and industries to generate employment opportunities
  • To improve the skill set of existing work force and make them employable. This will also help in India gearing up to attract companies from China to set up manufacturing units in India.

KVIC taps Indian Palm Industry

The Khadi and Village Industries Commission is to roll out a project to produce Palamgur and Neera. The initiative is to generate huge employment.


Neera is to be introduced as a substitute for soft drinks. This will create self employment opportunities to tribal. It was first launched in Maharashtra where there are more than 50 lakh palm trees.

About the initiative

The KVIC distributed tools for making Palmgur and to extract Neera. The tools included axes, ropes and knives. The KVIC also provided a 7-day training programme to the local artisans. The initiative has been rolled out by the Ministry of MSME (Micro, small and Medium Enterprises).


Neera is extracted from the palm trees before sun rise. There are more than 10 crore palm trees in the country. However, due to lack of commercial market techniques, large scale Neera production has not commenced in the country.

Neera also has great export potential. Neera is consumed widely in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Africa and Sri Lanka.