Energy Conservation Current Affairs - 2020

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Facts Box: Global Recycling Day

Every year, March 18 is celebrated as Global Recycling Day. The Recyclables are called the “Seventh Resource”. They help to save 700 million tonnes of Carbon-Dioxide every year according to the United Nations. The Global Recycling Day is being organized by Global Recycling Foundation. This year, it operates under the theme

Theme: Recycling Heroes


The Global Recycling Day is supported by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization as well. The main aim of celebrating the day is to keep the amount of residual waste as minimal as possible.

It was initiated by the Bureau of International Recycling.

Bureau of International Recycling

The Bureau of International Recycling is a non-profit association. It aims to bring together the recycling expertise from all over the world. It aims to lower energy consumption, preserve planet’s natural resources.

Current Scenario

Today, more than 1.6 million people are employed in recycling industry. Around 20 million USD is invested in the industry.

What are the 6-primary resource?

With the recyclables are called the seventh resource, the other six primary resources include water, oil, air, coal, natural gas and minerals.

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Star Rating Programme for Light Commercial Air Conditioners and Deep Freezers launched

On March 2, 2020, in its 19th foundation day, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) operating under Ministry of Power launched star rating programme for Light Commercial Air Conditioners (LCAC) and Deep Freezers.


The Star Rating Programme was formulated by Bureau of Energy Efficiency under the Energy Conservation Act, 2001. Around 24 appliances have been covered under the programme.

At the celebration of the foundation day of BEE, the Urja Dakshata Information Tool (UDIT) was launched. It is an online platform that explains the energy efficiency platform in India. This includes information of appliances, industry, building, municipal, agriculture, transport sectors. The initiative has been launched in collaboration with World Resources Institute.


Both LCAC and deep freezers are major energy consumers. Therefore, it is important to include these two appliances in the programme to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. Especially, LCAC is of primary importance as it is used in commercial air conditioning. With including these two appliances, it is estimated that the electricity consumption is to be saved by 9 billion units.

Star Rating

The Star Rating gives energy efficiency of an appliance. Higher the star rating lower is the energy consumed.

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