Executive Board Current Affairs - 2019

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JS Rajput nominated as India’s representative to Executive Board of UNESCO

The Ministry of Human Resource Development has nominated former NCERT director JS Rajput as India’s representative to Executive Board (EXB) of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

JS Rajput

Professor JS Rajput is known for his contributions in reforms in school education and teacher education. He has held several assignments which include Professor in NCERT, 1974, Principal of Regional Institute of Education Bhopal 1977-88, Joint Educational Adviser, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Chairman, National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) 1994-99 and Director of the NCERT (1999-2004).

He had proposed valuable changes in school education curriculum as Director, NCERT popularly known as five Sai values: Truth, Peace, Nonviolence, Righteous Conduct (Dharma) and Love. He has published research papers in several specialized areas in education, guided doctoral level researches and has authored several books.

His association with UNESCO and other international agencies extends over three decades. He was invited by UNESCO in April-May 2005 to participate in Evaluation of UNESCO International Center for Technical and Vocational Education, UNEVOC, Bonn, Germany. He has completed UNESCO project for Bremen University, Germany in 2007-08.

UNESCO acknowledged his contributions by selecting him for Prestigious Jan Amos Comenius Medal for outstanding contributions in research and innovations in 2004. He received this Award in July 2009. He was awarded Maharishi Ved Vyas national Award by MP Government for lifelong contributions in Education. He was awarded Padma Shri in 2009.

Executive Board (EXB) of UNESCO

The EXB is one of the constitutional organs of UNESCO and is elected by the General Conference. It has four-year term and 58 seats. The board examines work for UNESCO and the corresponding budget estimates. In practice, it is main organ responsible for all policies and programmes of UNESCO.

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India re-elected member of UNESCO’s executive board

India was re-elected as member of executive board of United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO). Executive board is UNESCO’s top decision-making body. The election was held at 39th session of General Conference of UNESCO in Paris, France.

General Conference

UNESCO’s General Conference consists of representatives of States Members of organisation. It meets every two years. It is attended by Member States and Associate Members, together with observers for non-Member States, intergovernmental organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

The General Conference determines policies and main lines of work of organisation. Its duty is to set programmes and budget of UNESCO. It also elects members of executive board and appoints, every four years, director-general. Each country has one vote, irrespective of its size or extent of its contribution to budget.

United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)

UNESCO is UN organization that helps preserve historical and cultural sites worldwide. It is special multi-country agency, formed in 1945 and based in France. It promotes literacy and sex education as well as improving gender equality in countries around world. It is also known for recognising world heritage sites and work to preserve cultural and heritage sites such as ancient ruins, villages and temples, and historic sites.

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