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Researchers developed a web-based tool to monitor fake news on Facebook, Twitter

A web-based tool to monitor the spread of fake news on social media platforms has been developed by the Researchers from the University of Michigan in the     US. The tool uses a Platform Health Metric called the Iffy Quotient and will supposedly draw data from two external entities namely NewsWhip and Media Bias/Fact Checker.

Working of the tool

  1. The News Whip will collect URLs from hundreds of thousands of sites each day and then it will gather information about the engagements of these sites on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. The Iffy Quotient will fetch information by querying NewsWhip for the top 5000 most popular URLs Facebook and twitter.
  3. Then the tool will check using the information at Media Bias/Fact checker whether the URL has been classified as iffy, ok, or unknown.

It is a social media engagement tracking firm to collect URLs of thousands of       sites everyday and collect information whether these sites have involvement in Facebook and Twitter.

Media Bias/Fact Checker

It divides the URL into three categories, ‘Iffy’ if the website is on a questionable source or a conspiracy list and ‘OK’ if the websites on the lists such as Left Bias, Right Bias or Satire, and ‘Unknown’ if the website is not on any of the lists.

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3 Indian women selected among Facebook’s Global Community Leaders

Social networking giant Facebook has selected three Indian women among five global leaders for $1 million award as part of its Community Leadership Programme. They are Adhunika Prakash, Chetana Misra and Tamanna Dhamija.

They were awarded $50,000 in fellowship each. The three are among 115 people selected by Facebook into its programme as community leaders in residence, fellows and youth participant to work for community resilience or issues, civic engagement health and wellness parenting education.

Key Facts

Adhunika Prakash: She had founded non-profit Breastfeeding Support for Indian Moms in Pune. It is a peer-to-peer support group primarily for breastfeeding parents. The group has more than 80,000 people from across the country.

Chetana Misra: She had founded Mompreneurs India. It is community of like-minded women, allowing them to network, share knowledge and contacts and benefit from partnerships to start business and take it online.

Tamanna Dhamija: She had created Baby Destination. It helps mothers exchange information and support one another.

Global Community Leaders Programme

It was launched by Facebook in February 2018. It is designed to enable extraordinary leaders advance their initiatives and build stronger communities through social networking giant’s family of apps and services. The selected participants will spend time at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park (California), and work with team to help develop their community initiatives.

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