Facebook Current Affairs - 2019

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Gafa Tax: France to levy 3% tax on Internet giants

The French parliament approved a law dubbed as Gafa Tax (an acronym for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon), the legislation will impose a 3% levy on sales generated in the country by non-tax paying online giants. Key Highlights Levying this 3% tax on total annual revenues of largest technology firms providing services to French consumers Read More…

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Facebook launched its first interactive Game Show in India

The Social networking giant Facebook launched its first interactive game show, titled “Confetti” in India on 4 June 2019. The launch announcement was made on sidelines of Facebook’s Social Entertainment Summit held in Mumbai, Maharashtra. About Confetti It is Facebook’s first official show in India and will go on air starting 12 June 2019. It Read More…

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India Signs ‘Christchurch Call to Action’ Initiative

India has recently joined a major global initiative called ‘Christchurch call to action’ to combat extremism and terrorism online and make internet a safe and secure place. It was signed by a group of governments and major tech companies at a summit in Paris. Background: New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and French President Emmanuel Read More…

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Facebook announces ban on Personality Quiz Apps on its platform

Facebook announced ban on personality quiz apps on its platform. The decision is taken after last years Cambridge Analytica Scandal, which helped researcher’s to access personal information of about 87 million facebooks users by using quiz app “thisisyourdigitallife”. Such move is part of broader crackdown by Facebook on dubious developers. Key Highlights Facebook is updating Read More…

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Facebook bans White Nationalism, White Separatism on its Platforms

Facebook has banned praise, support and representation of white nationalism and white separatism on its platforms. This move had a qualified approval from the recent Christchurch mosque shooting. Further, Facebook has stated that it will direct users who post or search content connected to these ideologies to an organization that helps people leave hate groups. Read More…

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Turing Award 2018

The Turing Award 2018 has been awarded for Geoffrey Hinton, Yann LeCun, and Yoshua Bengio who have kickstarted an AI revolution by studying the learning abilities of large artificial neural networks. The deep neural network uses layers of artificial neurons which mimics the structure of animal brains. Such AI is increasingly used in products that people Read More…

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Facebook launches tools to boost Electoral Process

Social Media giant, Facebook has launched two new India-specific tools viz. “Candidate Connect” and “Share You Voted” to boost civic engagement on its platform during the Lok Sabha elections 2019 that commence in April. Both these tools will be made available in 12 local languages. Candidate Connect Candidate Connect feature will provide contesting candidates to Read More…

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