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GoI: No plans to extend 21-days of Lock Down; Science behind 21-day Lock Down

On March 30, 2020, the Government of India clarified that it had no plans to extend the 21 day lock down that was begun on March 25, 2020. The announcement comes to clarify rumours and fake news about extension of 21 day lock down

 Why the 21-days Lock Down?

There are rich scientific data behind the 21-days of lock down. The 21-day quarantine has already been verified in Ebola cases. The value, ‘21’ was derived from outbreak data from the past and present public health experiences.

Experts have confirmed that incubation period of 14 days have been arrived for the virus. It will take another week for the residual infection to die out.

The Incubation Period

The Incubation period is the time between exposure of chemical or radiation to a pathogenic organism and the time it shows signs of disappearance. According to “Science Daily”, the incubation period of COVID-19 is just five days. It also says that it will develop symptoms with in 11.5 days of infection.

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Google: Tangi Application; AI Model for Killer Whales; 1 million USD Grant

On January 31, 2020, Google announced I million USD grant to promote news literacy among Indians. Also, the organization has launched a new application called “Tangi”.

Highlights: Grant

The Google News Initiative has announced to contribute 1 million USD grant to improve news literacy of Indians. The grant is to be used to build a strong network against fake news producers in the country. Around 300 workshops, boot camps and sessions are to be organized to train journalists, academicians and fast-checkers on the authentication of the published content on the internet. The training is to be provided in 7 Indian languages

Highlights: Tangi Application

The Tangi Application of Google focuses on Do It Yourself videos. The name of the application has been inspired from TeAch aNd GIve.

Highlights: AI Model

Google has used an AI model that listens to Killer Whales, identifies the origin of sound and displays its location. The model has been installed in Canada. According to Centre for Whale Research, only 73 Southern Resident Orcas (a sub species of Killer Whales) are left in the world

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