Finland Current Affairs - 2020

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Sanna Marin becomes World’s Youngest-Serving Prime Minister

The 34-year-old Sanna Marin, was selected by her Social Democratic party of Finland to become the country’s youngest prime minister ever, taking over after resignation of outgoing leader Antti Rinne. Sanna who will now be youngest head of government in the country’s history, has earlier served as transport minister of Finland.

Key Highlights

At 34, Sanna Marin also becomes world’s youngest serving prime minister once takes office in the coming days. Finland’s Parliament is expected to formally swear in the new prime minister on 10 December 2019. She is now ahead of Ukraine’s prime minister Oleksiy Honcharuk, who is currently 35.

She narrowly won the vote to replace Antti Rinne, who resigned after losing the confidence of coalition partner Centre Party over his handling of a postal strike. Sanna’s party is the largest in a five-member governing coalition.

NOTE: In Indian, Rajiv Gandhi was the youngest person to become Prime Minister. He became PM at 40 years of age.

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India re-elected as an Observer to Arctic Council

At 11th Arctic Council ministerial meeting held at Rovaniemi in Finland, India was re-elected as an observer to intergovernmental forum Arctic Council. India promised its commitment towards contributing more to Arctic Council.

About 11th Arctic Council

Major issues discussed at the Council meeting:

  • With growing tensions worldwide, how to deal with global warming and jurisdiction of Arctic’s wealth of minerals.
  • Concerns over renewed climate policies of US President Donald Trump.
  • China’s (an observing nation in Arctic Council) “Polar Silk Road” plan (as melting ice has opened up new northern shipping routes), which it outlined in 2018.
  • Russia’s Northern Fleet modernization and reopened Cold War military bases.

About Arctic Council

  • It was established in 1996 by Ottawa Declaration.
  • Headquarter: Tromso, in Norway.
  • Members (8): Russia, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark (representing Greenland and Faroe Islands), Canada and United States.
  • Iceland currently holds council’s rotating chair.
  • Representation: by Indigenous groups and council also has 13 observer states (are non-Arctic countries invited to council meetings but have no voting rights).
  • Function: It is a high level intergovernmental forum which addresses issues faced by Arctic states, its indigenous people and its other inhabitants. It seeks to promote coordination, cooperation and interaction among them on common issues but mainly on environmental protection and sustainable development in Arctic.

India and Arctic Region

  • Indian researchers have been studying whether there is a co-relation between Indian monsoon and the Arctic region.
  • National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research, an Indian institute under Ministry of Earth Sciences, has set up research station, ‘Himadri’, in Svalbard (Norway). It studies and works on mass balance of glaciers, effect of climate warming on marine system, clouds formation and precipitation, and also effect on biodiversity.

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