food crisis Current Affairs - 2020

UN launches 6.7 billion USD for vulnerable countries

The United Nations and its partner agencies have launched 6.7 billion USD global appeal in order to fight against COVID-19.


Initially, the organization had pledged to provide 2 billion USD to vulnerable countries to fight against COVID-19. However, it has now increased the amount to 6.7 billion USD. The plan under which this is to be done is called the “Global Humanitarian Response Plan”.

According to the United Nations, the virus has affected every country in the world. Among them, the most affected will be the poorest countries. The virus will have most destabilizing and devastating effects on the poorest countries. Therefore, it is important to focus on these countries with the funds raised.

The funds raised so far is from countries such as Britain, Germany, European Commission, Japan, Persian Gulf countries and Canada.


The United Nations has identified evidences of incomes dropping, food supplies falling, jobs disappearing, prices roaring and most importantly children missing meals and vaccination.

According to the World Food Programme, around 26.5 crore people are to face famine by the end of the year. Therefore, it is important to increase funds to jeep the food chains running.

Countries Covered

The world organization had already covered 54 countries. Additional 9 countries have been added. This includes Liberia, Djibouti, Pakistan, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Philippines, Zimbabwe and Togo.

Global Report on Food Crisis, 2020

The Global Report on Food Crisis, 2020 was released by the Global Network against Food Crisis. The report says that around 135 million people are living under food crisis.


According to the report, the numbers have increased. In 2019, the number of people living under food crisis were 113 million. Yemen was the at the top, with 15.9 million people under food crisis. This was 53% of population of the country.

The top 10 countries that were under food crisis contributed to 65% of the world population. These countries were Yemen, D R Congo, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Syria, Sudan, Northern Nigeria and Haiti.

Key Findings of the report

Over 75 million children were reported to be stunted and they were spread across 55 food crisis countries. As 2019, conflict and insecurity were the main drivers of food crisis in 2020 as well. Africa had the largest number of food insecure people in the world.

Global Network against Food Crisis

The Global Network against food crisis was an initiative that was launched by European Union, World Food Programme, and Food and Agriculture Organization. The network aims at delivering and formulating nutrition and food security in food crisis. It works towards achieving zero hunger goal. Zero Hunger Goal is one of the Sustainable Development Agenda, 2030.