food insecurity Current Affairs - 2020

Global Annual Report released by United Nations World Food Programme

The World Food Programme of the United Nations recently released its fourth annual report on Food Crisis. According to the report, the food crisis has grown by 10%.


The report says that around 265 million people are facing food insecurity in 2020. This has increased as compared to 2019. In 2019, around 135 million were affected. The report has found that around 135 million people from 55 countries are living in acute food crisis.

Findings of the report

The increase in food crisis is mainly due to economic shocks, conflicts and weather-related events such as drought.

Financial Flows

The financial flows of humanitarian assistance in 32 of the 53 countries with food crisis has increased. However, the increase is not in par with the increase in food crisis. In 2016, the financial flows were 5.38 billion USD and in 2018, the financial flows were 6.5 billion USD.

About the report

The report was presented by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization and World Food Programme to the United Nations Security Council.

Exercise NCC Yogdan launched to fight COVID-19

On April 2, 2020, the National Cadet Corps (NCC) launched “Exercise NCC Yogdan” to offer a helping hand to the authorities fighting against COVID-19.


Under the exercise, the NCC cadets are envisaged to work in call centres and helpline centres formed exclusively for COVID-19, community assistance, distribution of relief materials, medicines and other essential food commodities, data management and traffic management.

The Plan

Under the exercise, the senior NCC volunteers above 18 years of age are to be employed. The plan is to use the NCC force to assist state governments. However, NCC operates under Ministry of Defence. Therefore, the state governments have to place request to the state NCC directorates upon using NCC volunteer to assist in their relief measures.

About NCC

The NCC is the largest uniformed organization in the country. Also, it the largest youth organization in the country. They are often deployed during natural calamities such as floods, cyclones, etc.