FSSAI Current Affairs - 2020

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Eat Right India movement: Food Safety Mitra Scheme

To mark World Food Day, on October 16, 2019, the Health and Family Welfare Ministry launched the Food Safety Mitra Scheme. The main objective of the scheme is to scale up Eat Right India movement. The campaign along with Fit India movement will achieve huge success according to the ministry.

Key Features of the Scheme

  • The Food Safety Mitra will undergo training and be certified by the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). They can earn from food businesses for their services.
  • The scheme will support small and medium scale food business.
  • The scheme will also make periodical checks if the food safety laws, licensing, hygiene training and ratings are rightly followed.
  • Along with the scheme the Eat Right Jacket and Eat Right Jhola were also introduced.
  • The “Eat Right Jacket” was introduced for the field staffs. The jacket is designed to hold smart phone, RFID tag, QR code for identification and tracking purposes. This will help to bring in efficiency and transparency in food safety administration
  • The “Eat Right Jhola” is a reusable cloth bag. The purpose is to replace plastic with these bags.

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FSSAI launches ‘Trans Fat Free’ logo

Union Minister of Health Harsh Vardhan launched the ‘Trans Fat Free’ logo of FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) at 8th International Chefs’ Conference held in New Delhi.

Key Highlights

Food Facilities or Establishments that use trans-fat free fats/oil as well as do not have industrial trans-fat over 0.2g per 100g of food, in compliance with Food Safety and Standards (Advertising and Claims) Regulations, 2018 are eligible to display the logo. However, the use of the logo by restaurants and food manufacturers is voluntary.

Under the slogan ‘Chefs 4 Trans Fat Free’, at the international conference, nearly 1,000 chefs from different parts of country took a pledge to use trans-fat free oils/fats in their recipes and work towards its elimination from diets of Indian populace at large.

Why Trans Fat is a concern?

It is the worst type of fats with known health risks. They are largely present in partially hydrogenated vegetable fats or oils, vanaspati, margarine and bakery shortenings, and can also be found in baked and fried foods.

Industrial trans fats are made by adding hydrogen to liquid vegetable oils so as to make them more solid, and to increase shelf life of foods.

Every year about 5,40,000 people die globally of cardiovascular diseases, and for this the consumption of food laced with industry trans fats is a contributing factor. In India itself the number of deaths is around 60,000.

Initiative by India: As part of ‘Eat Right India’ led by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), India targets to reduce industrially produced trans fatty acids on food supply to less than 2% by 2022. The country’s objective of trans fat elimination by 2022 in a phased manner is a year ahead of global target set by WHO.

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