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Environment Ministry launches Green Good Deeds campaign

The Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC) has launched Green Good Deeds campaign. It was launched by Environment Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan in New Delhi.

The purpose of the people-oriented campaign is to sensitise people and students, in particular about climate change and global warming.

Key Facts

Environment Minister has asked teaching community to join a campaign to sensitise all about climate change and global warming, which he termed was matter of concern for the world. He also underlined need for ‘Green Sainiks’ on the lines of ‘Polio Sainiks’ to broaden the ‘Green Good Deeds’ campaign and take it to the grassroots level. The campaign aims to broad its base with involvement of teachers, students and other voluntary organisations.


CarbFix Project: World’s first negative emissions carbon-capture plant begins operations in Iceland

The world’s first negative emissions plant under the CarbFix Project to turn atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) into stone has begun operations in Hellisheidi, Iceland. It is intended to lock away carbon dioxide by reacting it with basaltic rocks. Work on the project began in 2007.

CarbFix Project

In it, the CO2 is captured from ambient air, bound to water, and sent to more than 700 meters underground. There, the CO2 reacts with the basaltic bedrock using enhanced weathering process and forms solid minerals, creating a permanent storage solution.

Currently, the system captures only 50 metric tons CO2, each year, about same emitted by a single US household. It can remove an estimated 50 metric tons of CO2 from the air in a year. It pumps the collected gas deep into the island’s volcanic bedrock, where it reacts with basalt and essentially turns into limestone.