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India, US hold round 3 of Maritime Security Dialogue in Goa

India and United States held the third round of the India-US Maritime Security Dialogue in Goa from April 30 to May 1, 2018 focussing on cooperation and developments in the Indo-Pacific region

Key Facts

During the third round of dialogue, both sides discussed developments in maritime domain in Indo-Pacific Region and exchanged views on ways to further strengthen bilateral maritime security cooperation. They also reviewed implementation of decisions taken during the previous Maritime Security Dialogues. the next round of the dialogue will be held in the US on mutually convenient dates.


US has been pushing for broader role by India in strategically important Indo-Pacific region. US President Donald Trump had laid out his South Asia policy saying critical part of it was to further develop US’s strategic partnership with India. In June 2016, US had designated India Major Defence Partner intending to elevate defence trade and technology sharing with India to level commensurate with that of its closest allies and partners.

India, US and several other world powers including have been talking about need to ensure free, open and thriving Indo-Pacific in backdrop of China’s rising military maneuvering in the region. In November 2017, US, India, Australia and Japan had given shape to long-pending Quadrilateral coalition to develop new strategy to keep the critical sea routes in Indo-Pacific free of Chinese influence.

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Fejervarya goemchi: New frog species named after Goa

Scientists have identified a new species of frog called Fejervarya goemchi in the highland plateaus of the Western Ghats parts of Goa. It has been named after state of Goa where the species is discovered. It was identified using combination of morphology, geographic distribution range and molecular methods to distinguish from other Fejervarya species found in  South and South-East Asia.

Fejervarya goemchi

Fejervarya goemchi are large-sized terrestrial frogs. They sit next to water bodies making calls to attract females for mating and breeding. Though most of these frogs are terrestrial, they need water bodies to survive. The new species was found in high elevation areas of laterite plateaus, temporary water bodies and paddy fields of Goa.

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