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All about PM Kisan Maan Dhan Yojana

Union Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare has rolled out registration for the PM Kisan Maan Dhan Yojana to provide old age pension cover to farmers. It is new Central Sector Scheme envisioned with an aim to improve life of small and marginal farmers of the country. It is first of its kind pension coverage scheme since independence that s has been envisioned for farmers.

Key Features of Scheme

Intended Beneficiaries: It is voluntary and contributory for small and marginal farmer in entry age group of 18 to 40 years and whose cultivable land is 2 hectares or less.

Benefits: Beneficiaries on attaining the age of 60 years will get monthly fixed pension of Rs. 3000.

Contributions: Beneficiary farmers are required to make monthly contribution of Rs.55 to Rs.200, depending on their age of entry, in Pension Fund till they reach the retirement date i.e. the age of 60 years. Central Government will also equal contribute as contributed by the eligible farmer to Pension Fund. Farmers can opt to allow his/her monthly contribution to this scheme to be made from his benefits drawn from PM-KISAN Scheme directly. Spouse of farmer is also eligible to get separate pension of Rs.3000 upon making separate contributions to this pension fund.

Implementing agency: Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) will be Pension Fund Manager and also responsible for Pension pay out to farmers.

Transferability: In case of death of beneficiary farmer before retirement date, the spouse may continue in scheme by paying remaining contributions till remaining age of the deceased farmer. If spouse does not wish to continue, then total contribution made by farmer along with interest will be paid to spouse. If there is no spouse, then total contribution along with interest will be paid to nominee. If the farmer dies after retirement date, the spouse will receive 50% of fixed pension as Family Pension. After death of both the farmer and the spouse, accumulated corpus will be credited back to Pension Fund.

Exit: The beneficiary farmers may opt voluntarily to exit from this scheme after minimum period of 5 years of regular contributions. On exit, their entire contribution will be returned by LIC with interest equivalent to prevailing saving bank rates.

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World Bank partners with First Resilient Kerala Program

The Government of India, Government of Kerala and World Bank recently signed a Loan Agreement of $250 Million for First Resilient Kerala Program which seeks to enhance State’s resilience against impacts of natural disasters and climate change.


The 2018 floods and landslides in Kerala wreaked havoc on property, infrastructure, and lives and livelihoods of people in state. 16% of State’s population about 5.4 Million people were affected while 1.4 million were displaced from their homes, especially poor and vulnerable segments of population.

Since the floods struck the state in August 2018 World Bank has been working closely with Centre Government and Kerala in assessing impact of floods as well as assisting in recovery and reconstruction. Bank support also helped in identifying policies, institutions and systems for resilience to disaster risks and climate change.

First Resilient Kerala Program

This New Program is part of Central government’s support to Kerala’s ‘Rebuild Kerala Development Programme’ which aimed at building a Green and Resilient Kerala.

Program will support Kerala with:

  • Improved River Basin planning, Water Infrastructure Operations Management, Water supply and Sanitation services.
  • Resilient and sustainable agriculture as well as enhanced agriculture risk insurance.
  • Improved resilience of core road network
  • Unified and more updated land records in high risk areas
  • Risk-based urban planning and strengthened expenditure planning by urban local bodies (ULBs)
  • Strengthened fiscal and public financial management capacity of state

Approach: It will focus on strengthening Kerala government’s institutional and financial capacity to protect assets and livelihoods of poor and vulnerable groups with help of an inclusive and participatory approach.

Partnership: between Centre government, State government and WB will identify key areas of policy and institutional strengthening to maximize development impact.

World Bank Support: The Program, represents First ‘State Partnership’ of World Bank in India, is the 1st of two Development Policy Operations which aims to mainstream disaster and climate resilience into critical infrastructure and services.

As per the World Bank, State partnership is a key pillar of WB’s new Country Partnership Framework for India and through such partnerships, Bank will support select States striving to bring about systemic improvements in way development initiatives are planned and executed.

Significance: World Bank’s support by this program will not only bring about additional financial resources but also help in leveraging other development partners and connect Kerala to lessons from global good practices.

Other World Bank supported Projects in Kerala

World Bank has been supporting Kerala through engagements such as-

  • Second Kerala State Transport Project
  • National Hydrology Project
  • Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project
  • National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project Phase 2
  • Kerala Local Government and Service Delivery Project

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