Green Buildings Current Affairs - 2019

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GRIHA for Existing Day Schools

The Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) Council has launched a rating tool ‘GRIHA for Existing Day Schools’ to evaluate the environmental performance of existing schools across India.

GRIHA for Existing Day Schools

  • GRIHA for Existing Day Schools will work as an integrated tool to evaluate performance and provide solutions for enhanced energy and water efficiencies, increased thermal and visual comfort, and decreased operational and maintenance costs.
  • The rating system is also aimed at familiarizing the students with the concepts of sustainability by involving them, under the guidance of their teachers, on evaluating the environmental impact of schools on the environment.
  • The rating system will also provide the students and teachers with an opportunity to establish contact with nature and with each other using the approach of co-creation and understanding.

GRIHA Council

GRIHA Council is a registered society for the interaction on scientific and administrative issues related to sustainable habitats in the Indian context. It was founded by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) with support from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy along with a variety of experts in the fields related to sustainability of built environment from across the country.

GRIHA Council promotes GRIHA- the National Rating System as a design and evaluation tool for green buildings and habitats.

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SIERRA ODC building in Coimbatore receives World’s Second Highest Green Rating

SIERRA ODC building has been recognised as the world’s second highest ranking Green Building. The building has scored 103 points out of 110 under LEED certification.

Salient Facts

The SIERRA ODC is a three-storeyed building which has been constructed by laying specific emphasis on increasing the efficiency of resource use such as energy, water or materials.

The building has managed water use efficiency of 89% by using water saving fixtures and curbing wastage. In the building, water is recycled 100%.

The building is a carbon-neutral building. The building was the first to implement a technology called Amorphous Silicon Thin Building Vortec for the first time in South India. By using this technology, photovoltaic modules produce power at the low cost per watt.

Green Buildings

Green Buildings are designed and operated to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment. The green buildings efficiently use energy, water, and other resources, protects occupant health, improves employee productivity, and reduces waste, pollution and environmental degradation. Besides a Green Building has tremendous environmental benefits and provides a better place for the occupants to live and work in. So the main challenge of a green building is to achieve all its benefits at an affordable cost.

The aim of a green building design is to minimize the demand on non-renewable resources, maximize the utilization efficiency of these resources, when in use, and, maximize the reuse, recycling, and utilization of renewable resources.

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