Haryana [HPSC] Current Affairs - 2020

Haryana govt to implement new ‘Kanyadan’ scheme

The Haryana Government will implement a new initiative known as ‘Kanyadan’ from April 1, 2013 under which an incentive of Rs 11,000 per girl will be given to each of the beneficiary brides during the mass marriage ceremony to be organized by Red Cross Societies or any registered NGO in the state.  This is meant Read More…

Government cuts down launch of cash transfer scheme

The Centre has scaled down the launch of its ambitious Direct Cash Transfer scheme to cover 20 districts, instead of 43 as planned. It has also kept LPG also out of its ambit for now. Why this scaling down? The move has been made because a significant number of beneficiaries in the targeted districts do Read More…

Bihar overtakes Gujarat as the fastest growing state in India

As per Planning Commission data, Bihar has left Gujarat behind in terms of growth as it emerged as the fastest growing state in the country with figure of 10.9%. Gujarat was overtaken by 5 states Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Maharashtra and Orissa. As per data: