Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs - 2020

Himachal Pradesh Plans to Provide 100 percent FHTC to all Rural Households by August 2022

On 4th July 2020, during a video conferencing with the Union Minister of Jal Shakti regarding the implementation of Jal Jeevan Mission in Himachal Pradesh, the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Jairam Thakur has stated that the State Government of Himachal Pradesh is planning to provide 100 percent coverage of Functional Household Tap Connection (FHTC) to all rural households in the state by August 2022.

If the State Government achieves this target then it will be well ahead of the National Goal set by the Government of India to provide FHTC to every rural household in the country by 2024.

Status of FHTC in Rural Households of Himachal Pradesh

  • Total number of rural households in Himachal Pradesh: 17.04 lakh
  • Rural households already provided with FHTC: 9.52 lakh
  • Rural households without FHTC (as on 4th July 2020) in the state: 7.52 lakh

The State Government of Himachal Pradesh has set a target to provide 2.44 lakh rural households with FHTC during the current Financial Year 2020-21 out of the remaining 7.52 lakh.

Jal Jeevan Mission

The Jal Jeevan Mission was launched by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi during his address to the nation on the occasion of the 73rd Independence Day of India on 15th August 2019.

With the target set by the Prime Minister to provide every rural household in the country with FHTC by 2024, in the period of the next 7 months from September 2019 to March 2020, 84 lakh households in the country were provided with tap water connection.

During the first quarter of FY 2020-21 (April to June 2020), 19 lakh rural households were provided with FHTC.

Estimated Expenditure for Providing Every Rural Household FHTC

For achieving the target of providing every rural household in the country with an FHTC by 2024, Rs 3.5 lakh crore will be spent, this was announced by Prime Minister in September 2019. For the FY 2020-21, Rs 8050 crore has been announced under the scheme.

World Bank Group Approves USD 500 Million under STARS Program

On 28th June 2020, the World Bank Group has announced that a loan of USD 500 million (approx Rs 3700 crore) was approved by its Board of Executives on 24th June 2020 for improving the quality and governance of school education system in India. The loan approved will benefit 10 million teachers and 250 million school students across 1.5 million schools in 6 states of India. The loan was approved as a part of the STARS Program. The 6 Indian States are Rajasthan, Odisha, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

About the Loan

The loan of USD 500 million will be sanctioned by the lending arm of the World Bank Group- International Bank for Reconstruction and Development(IBRD). Including a grace period of 5 years, the loan has a final maturity of 14.5 years. With this loan of USD 500 million, the World Billion Group has approved total financial assistance of more than USD 3 billion for improving the education system in India to date.

STARS Program

STARS stands for Strengthening Teaching-Learning and Results for States Program. Since 1994 the program has helped in establishing a long partnership between India and the World Bank. Through the program, the World Bank Group has provided greater flexibility to the vision of the Indian Government to provide ‘Education for All’. The Government of India has made significant strides in its vision over the years as the number of students going to school has increased to 248 million from 219 million between the 2004-05 to 2018-19 period.

The program will have a series of reform initiatives that will help in addressing the leaning outcome challenges that exist in the educational system in rural parts of the country.