Hindustan Shipyard Limited Current Affairs - 2019

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Navy signs contract with Hindustan Shipyard Ltd for construction of 2 Diving Support Vessels

Indian Navy has signed contract with Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL) located in Visakhapatnam for construction of two Diving Support Vessels (DSV). These vessels will help to augment Indian Navy’s submarine support operations on either coast.

Key Facts

The first DSV will be built over 36 month period and will be followed by second, six months later. These vessels will be based at Vishakhapatnam and Mumbai respectively. They will be of 118 m in length and shall have approximately 7,650 tonnes displacement capacity. These DSVs will be equipped with Deep Submergence Rescue Vessel (DSRV), which significantly enhances its Submarine Rescue Capabilities. These vessels are capable of effecting submarine rescue upto depths of 650 meters.

Need for DSVs

Indian Navy undertakes diving operations in Indian Ocean Region (IOR) in addition to operating submarines to secure our waters. This necessitates extensive diving operations to facilitate various activities such as submarine rescue, testing or salvage, under water inspection and recovery of objects/ship aircraft lost at sea. As these activities involve diving operations with divers remaining underwater for prolonged durations, it requires suitable platform for their launch and recovery, as well as for carriage of related tools and equipment. Thus, induction of DSVs equipped with DSRV, will go long way in enhancing Indian Navy’s capability and reach of submarine rescue operations in IOR.

VC 11184: HSL to undertake sea trials of India’s first ocean surveillance ship

Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL) is gearing up to undertake sea trials of India’s first ocean surveillance ship by end of September 2018 or first week of October 2018. This ship is now simply referred as VC 11184 and will be formally named after its induction into the Indian Navy.

VC 11184

VC 11184 is built by Hindustan Shipyard Ltd (HSL). It is the first of its kind ocean surveillance ship being built as part of efforts of Government to strengthen country’s strategic weapons programme.  HSL will be handing over the vessel to Indian Navy by end of 2018.

This ship is being built for National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO), the technical intelligence agency working directly under supervision of Prime Minister’s Office and National Security Adviser. The ship was built inside covered dry dock. Its keel was laid in June 2014.

VC 11184 has displacement of more than 10,000 tonnes, length of 175m, beam of 22m, depth of 6m and can attain maximum speed of 21 knots. It is powered by two imported 9000kW combined diesel and diesel (CODAD) configuration engines and three 1200 ekW auxiliary generators.

This ship has capacity to carry 300-strong crew with hi-tech gadgets and communication equipment and  large deck capable of helicopter landing. This ship already has successfully completed the basin trials some time ago.

The ship will be primarily tasked with missile tracking using two sensors, possibly an X-Band AESA primary radar and S-Band AESA secondary radar, ranging. It will also undertake electronic intelligence (ELINT) gathering.


It will be India’s most advanced electronics and tracking and surveillance ship i.e. a missile range instrumentation ship. It will be the first ship to be dedicated element in Phase-2 of India’s ballistic missile defence (BMD) setup and also be deployed for duties to support India’s strategic weapons programme. After induction of this ship, India will join elite of club of few countries that have such sophisticated ocean surveillance ship. Only four other countries — US, Russia, China and France are operating similar vessels.