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Bet Dwarka Darshan Circuit in Gujarat to be developed under HRIDAY

The Union Ministry of Urban Development approved development of 6 km long Bet Dwarka Darshan Circuit in Gujarat under Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana (HRIDAY).

Decision in this regard, was taken HRIDAY National Empowered Committee meeting chaired by Urban Development Secretary in New Delhi.

Key Facts
  • The circuit will connect famous Dwarkadish Haveli and Hanuman Dandi (only temple housing Hanumanji and his son Makardhwaj) in Dwarka district of Gujarat at a cost of Rs. 16.27 crore.
  • There are two important water bodies along the circuit viz., Shankhudhar Lake and Ranchod Talav. Under this project development works will be undertaken along the circuit.

About Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana (HRIDAY) 

  • The HRIDAY scheme was launched in January, 2015 with a focus on holistic development of heritage cities.
  • The scheme aims to preserve and revitalise soul of the heritage cities across the country to reflect their unique character by encouraging aesthetically appealing, accessible, informative & secured environment.
  • It supports development of core heritage infrastructure projects that include revitalization of urban infrastructure for areas around heritage assets identified/approved by Ministry of Culture, state Governments.
  • The development initiatives covered it includes improvement of water supply, sanitation, drainage, waste management, footpaths, approach roads, street lights, electricity wiring, tourist conveniences, landscaping and such citizen services.
  • Since its launch, the scheme has been implemented in 12 identified heritage cities namely, Ajmer, Amaravati, Amritsar, Dwarka, Badami, Gaya, Mathura, Puri, Kanchipuram, Varanasi, Velankanni and Warangal.

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Union Government approves Rs.114 crore worth projects under HRIDAY Scheme

The Union Ministry of Urban Development has approved projects worth Rs.114 crore under HRIDAY scheme for improving infrastructure facilities around core heritage sites in five cities.

These five cities are: Varnasi (Uttar Pradesh), Amritsar (Punjab), Dwaraka (Gujarat), Puri (Odisha) and Warangal (Telangana).

Projects in these districts were selected based on recommendation of inter-Ministerial HRIDAY National Empowered Committee.

About Heritage Infrastructure Development and Augmentation Yojana (HRIDAY)

  • HRIDAY is a Central Scheme that aims to preserve and rejuvenate the rich cultural heritage of the country.
  • The scheme will be completely funded by the Central Government to create infrastructure and provide facilities around the heritage sites to attract more tourists.
  • It aims to bring urban planning, economic growth and heritage conservation together for heritage cities.
  • It seeks to promote an inclusive, sustainable and integrated development of heritage sites, focusing on maintenance of monuments and advancement of their entire ecosystem.
  • Objectives of Scheme: (i) Bring urban planning, economic growth and heritage conservation together for heritage cities. (ii) Beautification of heritage cities in an inclusive and integrated manner with prime focus on livelihoods, skills, cleanliness, security, safety, accessibility and faster service delivery. (iii) Guide conservation, restoration, future use and development of heritage cities. (iv) Create improved connectivity platform and access to tourists.
  • It will help to harness full potential of India’s tourism sector which has total 35 UNESCO recognized natural, cultural and mixed heritage sites. India ranks second in Asia and fifth in the world interms of heritage sites.

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