Human Genome Research Project Current Affairs - 2020

GoI clears Genome India Project

The Department of Biotechnology operating under Ministry of Science and Technology has cleared Genome India Project. More than 20 leading institutions including IISc Bengaluru are to participate in the project.


The project will at its first phase take samples of 10,000 persons to develop a reference Genome. The Centre of Brain Research operating under IISc will act as a nodal point of the project. The Project was inspired by Human Genome Project.

Human Genome Project

The Human Genome Project was launched in 1990 and ended in 2003. It was an international project funded by the US Government.

The project aimed to map human genome and assemble them together to obtain a complete sequence of chromosomes. It mapped the nucleotides in the genome.

What is Genome?

Genome is the sequence of DNA. It contains all the hereditary information of an individual. Genome is not the same as gene or DNA. Genes are made of DNA. The Genome is simply sum of all DNAs of an individual.

China launches world’s largest human genome research project

China has launched world’s largest human genome research project to document the genetic makeup of one lakh people to help generate the precision medicines for the future.

The project aims to provide references for China’s medical research, clinical diagnoses and treatments. It will detect genetic links between health and sickness and involve one person from different ethnic backgrounds and regions.

Key Facts

The project will collect genetic data of Han ethnic majority people from all over the country and 9 other ethnic minority groups with a population of more than 5 million. There are about 25,000 human genes and project aims to decode hereditary information contained in each.

The project includes four stages – collecting, sequencing gene samples, gathering data and sharing findings. As per report, project will conclude all its gene sequencing and analysis within four years, making it the fastest genome engineering project in the world.