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TreadWill: IIT Kanpur develops online tool to help people deal with mental health issues

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur has developed TreadWill, an online tool to help people cope with issues related to mental health. The tool was developed by team with collaborative support from Computer Science and Engineering and Humanities and Social Sciences, HSS (Psychology) departments.


It is website designed to help people deal with stress, low mood, lethargy and other depressive symptoms through different online exercises, questionnaires and games. It will help in overcoming depressive symptoms and becoming more resilient against stressful events in the future.

It is based proven methodology of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) that helps people with depressive symptoms. It uses simple language to help users to identify involuntary negative thoughts and behavior. It teaches techniques to users to work on modifying their thoughts and actions.

It uses simple forms (thought record worksheet, core belief worksheet) and games to practice techniques of CBT in engaging manner. It offers free and easy accessible alternative for those who are wary of attending in-person sessions at clinics. It further provides users by sending personalised SMS alerts to help them stick to programme till end.

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IIT Kanpur sets up India’s first advisory centre for energy

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Kanpur has set up India’s first Centre for Energy Regulation (CER) with the help of Government of United Kingdom. The first of its kind centre in India aims at providing independent advisory on policy and regulatory matters in the power and energy sector.

Centre for Energy Regulation (CER)

It is initiative of Department of Industrial and Management Engineering of IIT Kanpur to enhance regulatory research and networking in Indian power sector. CER and identified activities under it are funded by Department for International Development (DfID), Government of United Kingdom (UK).

CER focuses on need for India specific forward-looking research in collaboration of regulatory institutions and relevant stakeholders to provide solutions to issues such as growth of Indian economy, increasing energy demand, energy efficiency, security and access to electricity.

It encourages interaction between regulatory and academic institutions. It targets to offer research in emerging areas of power sector regulation and policy. It core research areas comprise regulatory and policy changes in power and energy sector, energy finance, energy sector modelling and operative planning in energy markets etc.

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