IIT Madras Current Affairs - 2020

OXY2 developed by IIT-M: Highlights

A health startup at IIT Madras in joint collaboration with HELYXON has developed a device called OXY2. This newly designed device can easily take vitals of an individual such as heart rate, temperature, oxygen saturation and respiration rate clinically accurate. The device is made commercially available now and has already been deployed to monitor 2000 patients a day in hospitals. 


The core technology of OXY2 was validated after doing a year-long multi-centric study at various Chennai-based medical institutions for accuracy and performance with reference to current standards. After the successful trial medical institutions found the device to be of great help during the pandemic when the medical staff have to come in close with the patients to take their vitals.

About the Device

The device which can be powered by the coin celled battery is designed in such a way that it can be reused and recycled. It can be clipped on to a patient’s finger and the data is sent to a mobile phone through radio waves. The captured data can be seen through a mobile app and can be shared with the hospitals and doctors if required.

Its Operation

The device measures temperature at the armpit and blood oxygen level, and other parameters at the finger itself. The device has a lifetime of over a year. Other than being in use during the pandemic the devices can also be used by the hospitals and doctors for patient management. The cost of the device varies between 2500 to 10,000 Rs. depending upon the specification of the machine and functions it can perform.

“Medicab”: Portable Hospital Developed by IIT Madras

IIT-Madras supported startup Modulus Housing has developed portable hospital unit. The unit can be dragged anywhere and can be installed within 2 hours.


The portable hospital has been named “MediCAB”. The portable hospital is being launched in Wayanad district of Kerala where the units are being deployed to treat COVID-19 patients.

About Medicab

The Medicab is foldable and is composed of four zones such as a medical room, isolation room, a doctors’s room and a twin bed ICU. The ICU is maintained at negative pressure.

The project was supported by the IIT Madras Incubation Cell.

Modulus Housing

The Modulus Housing was founded by two alumni of IIT Madras. The vision of the firm is to revolutionize housing through modular prefab structures.


India has 0.7 beds per 1000 persons. Therefore, innovations such as MediCAB will help boost health care infrastructure in India.