Immigration Current Affairs - 2019

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World Economic Forum Survey on Public Opinion: Key Findings

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has released its findings from the public opinion survey. The survey covered a sample size of over 10,000 people from every region of the world.

Findings of the Survey

The outcome of the survey proposes the following findings:

  • At a time the world is facing huge economic risks from growing trade disputes and inward-looking policies, the public opinion is overwhelmingly against populism and favours openness.
  • The survey proposes that global public overwhelmingly favours multilateral cooperation, is open to immigration and rejects the notion that countries’ best interests are achieved at the expense of others.
  • Majority of the people across the globe believe immigrants are mostly good for their adopted country.
  • The respondents believe upward mobility is too elusive and that governments are not doing enough to provide people with opportunity.
  • North Americans have the least trust in climate science.
  • Western Europeans are least likely to regard technology companies as altruistic.

The Survey concludes that while the international communities capacity for concerted action appears constrained, the overwhelming desire of the global public is for leaders to find new ways to work together that will allow them to cooperate on these critical shared challenges we all face.


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Hong Kong revokes visa-free entry to Indians

Hong Kong, a China-administered special territory has decided to withdraw visa-free facility for Indians from January 23, 2017.

This decision was taken on the ground to prevent illegal immigration as number of Indian asylum seekers was on the rise. Over half a million Indians visit Hong Kong for business, trade and holidays.

Under the new rules, Indian travellers will have to complete a pre-arrival registration. Such pre-registration would notvisa-hongkong be necessary for those transiting through the Hong Kong airport without leaving the airport transit area. 


Earlier, Hong Kong used to be part of a block of countries that gave Indians unconditional visa-free entry. Indians were permitted to enter Hong Kong with a valid passport for a period up to 14 days without a visa. However in recent times, it was found that Indian nationals were overstaying in Hong Kong by violating visa norms.


Hong Kong’s unilateral decision came a year after its government had sent a delegation headed by the Assistant Director of Immigration from the Immigration Department and Hong Kong Police in December 2015 to India. It had informed concerns about “illegal employment” and “human trafficking” involving Indians in Hong Kong to India’s External Affairs Ministry. They even had expressed concern that many Indians taking up jobs even though Hong Kong does not allow visitors to work.

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