India-Canada Current Affairs - 2020

India-Canada: Cabinet approves MoU in research and industry-academic collaboration

The Union Cabinet has been apprised of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between India and Canada to foster cross-border partnerships focused on research excellence and industry-academic collaboration. The MoU was signed in February 2018 in New Delhi.

Key Facts

The MoU aims at fostering cross-border partnerships in research excellence and industry-academic collaboration between India and Canada to bring robust innovation gains to both countries. It will enable researchers from both countries to undertake graduate level academic research mobility and cross-border industry-academic cooperation.

Under graduate level academic research mobility programme, both countries will support upto 110 Masters and PhD student researchers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields in 3-year period. Eligible students from Indian universities will get chance to participate in 12 to 24 weeks’ research with Canadian university research laboratories. The same number of researchers from Canadian universities will also participate in 12 to 24 weeks’ research with research laboratories of eligible Indian universities.

Under cross-border Industry-Academic Cooperation, upto 40 Master’s and PhD student researchers in 3-years from each side will participate in 16 to 24 weeks’ research with industry partners located in counterpart country. The collaboration is expected to lead to new knowledge creation, Industrial exposure, joint scientific publications, Intellectual Property generation, etc. This MoU will further strengthen India’s long-standing relationship in Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation with Canada.

Cabinet approves MoU between India and Canada on IPRs

The Union Cabinet has approved Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between India and Canada to establish bilateral cooperation activities in field of Intellectual Property (IP). The MoU was signed in February 2018 and is intended to promote innovation, creativity and economic growth in both countries.

Key Features of MoU

The MoU establishes broad and flexible framework through which both countries can exchange best practices and work together on training programs and technical exchanges to raise awareness on IPRs and better protect intellectual property rights (IPRs).

It will facilitate exchange of best practices, experiences and knowledge on raising IP awareness among public, businesses and educational institutions of both countries. It will allow exchange of experts for interacting with human resources engaged in specialized IP fields.

It will facilitate cooperation in development of automation arid implementation of modernization projects, new and existing documentation and information systems in IP and procedures for management of IP. It will assist in protecting traditional knowledge.