India-Europe Current Affairs - 2020

India’s 40 million USD defence deal with Armenia beats Russia and Poland

On March 1, 2020, India bagged a deal to supply 4 indigenously built radars (capable of locating weapons) to Armenia. The deal was worth 40 million USD.


India and Armenia signed deals on DRDO built “Swati” weapon locating radars. Armenia has decided to go with Indian built radars after testing Russian and Poland made systems. Armenia also claims that Indian made systems were more reliable as compared to the other two.

Swati Radar

The Radar is capable of handling multiple weapons at different locations. Currently, Indian army is also using the same radar along the line of control to trace source of attack of the Pakistan army.


The Deal will help India achieve its Rs 35,000 crores of defence exports very soon. It will also help India find new markets to sell its indigenous defence systems. The Defence Ministry is also negotiating with middle east countries, latin American and south-east Asian countries to export its defence products.

Stage set to launch India’s first defence satellite

India’s first defence satellite GSAT-7 dedicated to Navy for maritime security is now set for the launch. The home-built satellite will be crucial as it will overcome Navy’s previous limitations from line of sight and ionospheric effects and will have coverage over India landmass as well as surrounding seas. It will be significant from security and surveillance points of view.

Key features of GSAT-7:
  • Indigenous
  • Cost: Rs 185 crore
  • Launch Cost: Rs 470 crore
  • Geo-stationary communication satellite
  • Carries payloads operating in UHF, S, C and Ku bands.
  • Lift-off mass of 2625 kg, heavy satellite
  • Strengthen Navy’s maritime security ability
  • Overcomes previous limitations from line of sight and ionospheric effects

The satellite will be launched into Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO) by Ariane-5 VA 215 by European space consortium Arianespacefrom Kourou spaceport in French Guiana.