India-European Union Current Affairs - 2020

India-European Union sign Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation

On July 25, 2020, India and European Union renewed their agreement on scientific and technological cooperation for the next five years. The agreement was signed in 2001 and was renewed in the past twice in 2007 and 2015.


According to the agreement, India and European Union agreed to renew their scientific cooperation for the years 2020-25. The agreement was renewed at the 15th India-EU summit that was held virtually.

The agreement was signed to address challenges such as water, affordable health care, energy, food, and nutrition. Also, the cooperation focused on green transport, water, clean energy, e-mobility, manufacturing, sustainable urban development, nanotechnologies, advanced materials, and ocean research.

What is the plan?

The researchers and innovators from both India and European Union are to be mobilized. The network of researchers in both sides are to be promoted. This is to be achieved by setting up joint platforms, engaging coaching, training and through staff exchanges.

India-European Union Summit

The 15th India-European Union Summit was held virtually. India was led by PM Modi and European Union was led its president Ms Ursula von der Leyen and other delegates. A roadmap was created at the summit for 2020-25. The roadmap, however, did not create any legally binding rights or obligations. It also did not include financial allocations.

India-European Union Summit held via video conferencing

On July 15, 2020, the 15th India-European Union Summit was held through video conferencing. The summit aims to strengthen ties between India and European Union.

PM Modi addressed the summit.


Under the Summit, India and European Union agreed to boost their ties in the areas of defence, trade and investment. They agreed to launch a dialogue on maritime security.

The fourteenth India-European Union Summit was held in New Delhi in 2017.

A Roadmap to 2025

The Roadmap to 2025 was created during the 15th India-EU Summit. The roadmap does not give rise to any financial commitments and does not create any legally binding rights or obligations.

Key Takeaways

The leaders at the summit decided to strengthen India-EU strategic partnership. They affirmed their determination to promote multilateralism with United Nations and World Trade Organization (WTO).

European Union is looking forward to India’s Presidency of G20 in 2022.

Clean Energy and Climate Partnership

India and EU discussed the ongoing cooperation under the “Clean Energy and Climate Partnership”.

Bilateral Cooperation

They also reinforced their cooperation in International Solar Alliance (ISA), International Platform on Sustainable Finance (IPSF). These platforms will help in environmentally sustainable investments.

International Conference on Chemical Management

The conference is to be held in Bonn in 2021. The leaders supported the ambitious mandate for an international chemical and waste management framework beyond 2020.

India-EURATOM Agreement

The leaders at the summit welcomed the signing of India-EURATOM agreement on research and development in nuclear energy.