India-USA Current Affairs

US Approves Sale of UAV Technology to India

The United States has cleared the sale of the state-of-the-art Guardian 22 unmanned Guardian drones to India. The deal to sell UAV drones to India is estimated to be worth $2 to $3 billion. Though the deal has been approved by the State Department, an official announcement regarding the deal is yet to be announced. Significance The transfer Read More…


Special 301 Report: Section 3(D) of the Indian Patent Act opposed by the US

The US has taken exception to India’s level of protection provided to Intellectual Property as it brought the “Special 301 Report” for the year 2014 which classifies India as a “Priority watch list country”. The reports mentions US concerns based on the information provided by the US industry on their perception of the level of Read More…


India-US Malabar naval drill not aimed at containing China: US

The US has clarified that the annual India-US bilateral “Malabar” naval exercise which started in the Asia Pacific region is not aimed at containing China and that the exercise would strengthen the US naval presence in the Pacific Ocean region and maritime partnership with its allies. The exercise this year has Japan as a special Read More…


R K Pachauri calls Shopping Malls “energy guzzlers”

Noted environmentalist and, Director General of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) R K Pachauri termed shopping malls as “energy guzzlers” and said they are not suited to the Indian environment. Pachauri, who is also chairperson of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), said that buildings contribute to green house gas emissions and they Read More…


India denies patent to US pharmaceutical firm Abraxis BioSciences’ anti-cancer drug “Abraxane”

The Indian Patent Office (IPO) has denied a patent on US firm Abraxis BioSciences’ anti-cancer drug ‘Abraxane’. The application was rejected on the grounds that the drug lacked invention, not being patentable and insufficient. While rejecting the patent IPO took into account Section 3 (d) – the same provision under which Novartis lost protection on its megahit drug Read More…


Finance Ministry: Withdrawal of fiscal stimulus programme in US will not affect much the foreign investments into India

The Finance Ministry has tried to lessen fears that the withdrawal of fiscal stimulus programme in the US will affect foreign investments into India. A report by the Finance Ministry alleviates the fears saying India is an attractive destination with its liberal FDI policy, a globally competitive workforce, a rapid GDP growth rate and rapidly growing Read More…