India Current Affairs - 2019

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India, China, Pakistan to work together to study impact of climate change on Hindu-Kush-Himalayan region

India Meteorological Department (IMD) is collaborating with meteorological agencies in China and Pakistan, among others, to provide climate forecast services to countries in Hindu-Kush-Himalayan (HKH) region. These countries have agreed to establish regional climate centre that will provide forecasting services and climate analyses. This centre will be under World Meteorological Organisation (WMO). It will help to better forecast impact of climate change on Hindu Kush mountains. It will take a few years to take shape. It will also provide data services, training and capacity-building, research and development.

About Hindu-Kush-Himalayan (HKH) region

It is considered the Third Pole [after North and South Poles]. It contains vast cryospheric zones and is also the world’s largest store of snow and ice outside the polar region. It spans Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. It traverses about 5 million square kilometres and has significant implications for climate. Recent report by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) also had highlighted threat to HKH region from global warming. It had mentioned that floods will become more frequent and severe in mountainous and downstream areas of Ganges, Indus and Brahmaputra river basins, because of increase in extreme precipitation events. It also had warned about severity of floods to be more than double towards the end of the century in this region.

Nomadic Elephant 2019: Indo-Mongolian Joint Exercise

14th edition of Indo–Mongolian joint military training called Exercise Nomadic Elephant-XIV commenced from 5 October 2019. It is being conducted over a period of 14 days from 5-18 October 2019 at Bakloh, a town in Himachal Pradesh.

About Nomadic Elephant 2019

The Mongolian Army is being represented by officers and troops of elite 084 Air Borne Special Task Battalion while Indian Army is being represented by a contingent of a battalion of Rajputana Rifles.

Objective of Nomadic Elephant-XIV:

  • To evolve various tactical drills in counter-terror environment such as Convoy Protection Drill, Room Intervention Drills, Ambush & Counter Ambush Drills.
  • To train troops in counter insurgency & counter terrorism operations under United Nations (UN) mandate.


The Joint Exercise is an ideal platform for armies of both nations to share their experiences and best practices and gain mutually. It will also enhance defence co-operation and military relations between two nations.

The training by both contingents will also lay emphasis in capacity building for conducting joint operations by a cohesive subunit, comprising of troops from both armies, in an adverse operational conditions thus enhancing the interoperability between the two armies.