Indian Army Current Affairs - 2020

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Winged Raider: Indian Army’s largest airborne exercise-500 troops participate

The Indian Army recently conducted the largest air borne exercise called the Winged Raider. Around 500 troops participated in the exercise. The exercise was conducted in the north-eastern theatre.


The exercise was conducted to demonstrate the operational readiness of the paratroopers and air warriors. The C-130 Hercules, Dhruv Helicopters and C-17 globe master transport aircraft participated in the exercise.

The exercise was telecasted live. It focused on encountering China in the border region. The exercise also included capacity building programmes and habitats. It also focused on moving certain advanced weapon system to the eastern side.


The Army is preparing itself to act against threats posed by China. Indian Army is also developing infrastructure in the Eastern borders. These exercises help to self-assess the readiness of the troops. The exercise will also help army to rebalance its western and northern fronts.

Him Vijay

Similar exercise called Him Vijay was conducted in Arunachal Pradesh in October 2019. It was a mountain combat exercise. The exercise tested the Integrated Battle Groups (IBG) in Indian army. The IBG consists of tanks, infantry, air defence, logistics and signals. The IBG is a restructure combat tactics of Indian Army. This helps to meet emerging threats in the Eastern borders.

The exercise also helped the Indian Army to learn lessons. According to the feedback of Him Vijay exercise, communication skills of the army should be developed

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January 15: Indian Army Day

On January 15, 2020, India celebrated its 72nd Army Day. It is being celebrated every year to honour soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country. The Army Day Parade was held at the Parade Ground in Delhi Cantonment as a part of the celebrations. It is important to remember such great soldiers as they serve with the motto “Service before Self”


On January 15, the first General of Indian Army General K M Cariappa took charge in 1949. The transfer of power from British to India is being celebrated on the day in the form of parades. The power was transferred to Mr Cariappa from the last British General Bucher.

The parade was held at the Parade Ground of Delhi Cantonment. The Parade Ground was also named after him and is called Cariappa Ground. Gallantry awards were distributed on the occasion.

General Cariappa retired on January 14, 1953. His retirement day is being celebrated as Armed Forces Veterans Day every year

First Woman Officer

In 2020, Tania Sher Gill became the first woman Army Officer to lead the parade. She led an all-men contingent at the parade. She joined the army in 2017. In 2019, Captain Bhavna Kasturi became the first woman officer to lead an all men contingent during the Republic Day celebrations.

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