Indian Diaspora Current Affairs

Cabinet approves closure of India Development Foundation of Overseas Indians

The Union Cabinet has given its approval for closure of India Development Foundation of Overseas Indians (IDF-OI).The purpose of closure is to enhance synergies in channelizing contributions of Indian diaspora to Government’s flagship programmes such as National Mission for clean Ganga and Swachh Bharat Mission. It also seeks to enhance synergies, improve efficiencies and avoid duplication of work.


IDF-OI was set up by Central Government in 2008 as an autonomous not-for-profit Trust. Its mandate was to facilitate Overseas Indian philanthropy into social and development projects in India. The trust was chaired by External Affairs Minister. Government had added flagship programmes such as National Mission for Clean Ganga and Swachh Bharat Mission and other social and development projects identified by state governments to the mandate of IDF-OI. The IDF-OI had received only Rs. 36.80 lakhs between December 2008 and March 2015 as donation from overseas Indian community. Later in between April 2015 and March 2018, it had received Rs.10.16 crore, most of contribution received were for projects related to National Mission for Clean Ganga and Swachh Bharat Mission.


40 Participants attend 46th Know India Programme

40 participants of Indian Origin from 9 countries attended 46th edition of Know India Programme (KIP). Madhya Pradesh was partner state of this edition. As part of the initiative participants visited Madhya Pradesh, Parliament House, President’s House and attended orientation programme at the Foreign Service Institute

Know India Programmes (KIP)

KIP is initiative (scheme) of Ministry of External Affairs for Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) between the age group of 18 to 30 years. The scheme was launched in 2004 and has so far had 40 editions in which some 1,293 PIO youths have participated.


  • Engage and make students and young professionals of Indian Diaspora (18 to 30years) feel sense of connect with their motherland
  • Motivated and inspire PIOs by transformational changes taking place in India and give them an exposure to various aspects of contemporary India’s forms of art, heritage and culture.

KIP is three-week orientation programme aimed at promoting awareness on different facets of life in India as well as the progress made by country in fields such as economic and education. It offers platform for young PIOs to visit India share their views, experiences and expectations and forge closer bonds with India.

The participants are selected on basis of nominations received and recommendations of heads of Indian Missions and posts. The participants are provided all the hospitality in India. In 2016, KIP scheme was revamped to extend number of days from 21 to 25 days including 10-day visit to one or two states.