Indian Ordnance Factories Current Affairs - 2020

Ordnance Factory Board to introduce “modified tents” to set up isolation units

The Ordnance Factory Board that governs the defence manufacturing unit spread across India is to introduce “modified tents” to set up isolation units.


The idea of modified tents was brought by the Ordnance Equipment Factory, Kanpur. It aims to create isolation wards that will act as tents. The tent is to be made of Poly Viscos and is water proof.

The tents are to be manufactured in two sizes namely 2 metres and 4 metres. The special tent is to be used for medical screening, medical emergency and for quarantine purposes.

Hand Sanitizers by OFBs

The Ordnance Factories are also working on hand sanitizers. The Ordnance Factory in Aruvankadu, Tamil Nadu has delivered 3,564 litres of hand sanitizers as on April 4, 2020. The Ordnance Factory in Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh and Bhandara, Maharashtra are delivering 3,000 litres of hand sanitizers each on daily basis.

Nodal Agency

The HLL (Lifecare Limited) has been appointed as the nodal agency by the GoI for centralized procurement of hand sanitizers. The nodal agency has placed an order of 13,000 litres to the ordnance factories to fulfil the growing demand of hand sanitizers in the country.

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March 18: Ordnance Factory Day

On March 18, 2020, 219th Ordnance Factories Foundation Day was observed. Every year India observes March 18 as Ordnance Factory Day. The first Ordnance Factory was established in Kolkata in 1801. There are 41 ordnance factories in the country.


The history of ordnance factory is directly linked to the British reign of India. The Board of Ordnance Factories that still govern the ordnance factories in the country was established in 1775 at Fort Williams, Kolkata.

There were 18 ordnance factories before India became independent. The Ordnance Factory Board was established in 1979.

Ordnance Factory Board

The Ordnance Factory Board operates under Ministry of Defence. It is the largest and oldest Government operated defence organization. The Board is always called the fourth arm of defence. It is the 37th largest arms manufacturer in the world.

The Board is responsible for manufacturing small arms, missiles, rocket launchers, chemicals, explosives, mines, grenades, anti-tank warfare, etc.

The revenue generated by the board on behalf of the Indian Government in the year 2017-18 was 2 billion USD.

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