Indian Railways Current Affairs - 2020

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New Name for Mumbai Central Station: Nana Shankarseth

On March 12, 2020, the Maharashtra Cabinet approved the proposal to rename Mumbai Central Station to Nana Shankarseth. The approved proposal is to be sent to Ministry of Railways. It is the Central Railways operating under Ministry of Railways that has the final say in the name change.

Procedure and Authority of name change

It is the state Government that usually initiates the process of name change of Railway Station. This is usually done to change the British name of the station to the local pronunciations. It is also done to honour a local leader. There are no rules or procedure by law or in constitution for the name change of the station.

After State Governments initiation with a valid reason, the railway board at the centre submits the memorandum to the Railway minister who authorizes it.

The name change of cities, town or villages should be sent by the State Government to the Home Ministry. Again, it is the Home Ministry that has final say in the name change.

Jagannath Shankarseth

He was a philanthropist and educationalist who lived between 1803 and 1865. He had high credit among Afghans and Arabs that they chose to place their treasure with him rather than the banks. He acquired great fortune from them and donated all to the public.

Along with Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy, he launched Indian Railway Association. It was because of his efforts that Railway construction began in India. He initiated proposals and the benefits of Railway construction in the country with the Britishers.

He founded Bombay Association that was the first political organization in Bombay Presidency.

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Committee formed for the implementation of Kisan Rail Scheme

The Government of India recently formed a committee in order to make suggestions on Kisan Rail Scheme. The scheme was introduced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman in the Union Budget 2020-21.


The Committee has been formed with representatives from Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Railways. The Committee will explore into the options of creating cold supply chain for perishable goods. The perishable goods under the scheme are to be transported through freight trains with refrigerated coaches.

Kisan Rail

The Kisan Rail is being launched by the GoI to set up national cold supply chain in the country. The Centre is planning to transport fish, milk and meat under the scheme. The scheme is to be implemented under Public-Private Partnership.


Today there are only 9 refrigerated vans carrying 17 tonnes. Though Kisan Vision Project has been implemented, there are no sufficient infrastructure and provisions to make it a success. So far under Kisan Vision Project, cargo centres have been set up in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.

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