Indian Space Research Organisation Current Affairs - 2019

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ISRO puts ‘lightest satellite’ Kalamsat V2 into orbit

Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) has launched the Kalamsat-V2 from Sriharikota space centre.


The satellite is named after former president and Indian scientist Dr Abdul Kalam. The features of the Kalamsat V2 satellite are:

  • It is the lightest satellite to be ever built and launched into orbit and it is also Isro’s first launch of a satellite built by a private firm.
  • It is a communications satellite for ham radio transmission, a form of wireless communication used by amateurs for non-commercial activities.
  • The satellite is being built by students belonging to Space Kidz India, a Chennai-based space education firm. The satellite cost 1.2m Indian rupees and was built during the span of six days.
  • The Satellite was launched using Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) – a four-stage rocket.

Isro reclaims the dead rocket stage

Isro made an attempt to recover the dead rocket stage in this launch. With PSLV rockets the first three stages usually drop back to Earth; its fourth and final stage using liquid propellants is stopped and restarted several times to get a spacecraft into just the right orbit.

Isro converted this fourth stage into an experimental orbital platform to conduct small experiments in space. This experimental orbital platform will aid in carrying out experiments in a near zero-gravity environment. For the first time, Isro is conducting such an experiment to reclaim a dead rocket stage and to keep it alive.

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Exclusive Satellite to help in securing Pakistan and Bangladesh borders

Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) will launch a satellite exclusively for the Union Home Ministry to help it in strengthening its frontiers with Pakistan and Bangladesh among others.

Features of the exclusive satellite for Border Management

The important features of the exclusive satellite for Border Management are:

  • The exclusive satellite will be utilised for the purpose of using space resources for security, operational planning and border infrastructure development.
  • It would strengthen island and border security and facilitate the development of infrastructure in border and island areas.
  • A short, medium and long-term plan have been proposed for implementation in five years in close coordination with the ISRO and the Union Defence Ministry for the implementation in a time-bound manner.
  • Under short term plan, immediate needs of border guarding forces will be met by procurement of high-resolution imagery and the hiring of bandwidth for communications.
  • Under the mid-term plan, one satellite is being launched by the ISRO for the exclusive use of the MHA.
  • Under long term plan, the MHA will develop ground segment and network infrastructure to share satellite resources by user agencies, develop a central archival facility for storing various imagery resources and dissemination of the same to user agencies.

The plan for an exclusive satellite has been formulated based on the recommendations made by a task force on the use of space technology in improving border management.


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