IndusInd Bank Current Affairs - 2019

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Nexxt Credit Card: IndusInd Bank launches first interactive Credit Card in India with buttons

IndusInd Bank has launched first interactive Credit Card in India with buttons called IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card.  It will give customer multiple options on how to make a payment using his or her Credit Card. This Card has been created in partnership with Pittsburgh USA headquartered Dynamics Inc., which designs and manufactures intelligent, battery powered payment cards

Key Facts

This interactive Credit Card provides customers with flexibility of three payment options at Point of Sale (POS) terminal – Credit, Converting Transactions into EMIs with 4 tenure options (6, 12, 18 & 24 months) or using accumulated Reward Points, by simply pushing a button on the card.

It incorporates technology that indicates customer’s desired payment choice using LED lights associated with three options. Using it customer does not need to fill any paperwork, or call their bank or log in to any banking channel to convert their POS transactions into EMIs or to redeem their Rewards Points.

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RBI sets upper age limit for private bank CEOs at 70

The RBI brought relief for investors in HDFC Bank and IndusInd Bank, who have been anxious about the destiny of their celebrated chiefs who have provided massive returns in the past few years. Full-time directors of Pvt. banks can now continue up to the age of 70, in line with the Companies Act 2013. The bank boards will, nevertheless, hold the right to set a lower retirement age for officials.

RBI has been decided that the upper age limit for MD & CEO and other WTDs (Whole-Time Directors) of banks in the private sector should be 70 years, i.e.- beyond which no person should remain in the post. Within the overall limit of 70 years, individual bank’s boards are free to fix a lower retirement age for the WTDs, counting the MD & CEO, as an internal policy.

This view received further credence after the P J Nayak committee proposed a maximum age of 65 for bank CEOs. The committee, to review governance of boards of banks, had made the suggestion in its report to RBI this May.

Whilst RBI can take decision on what can be done at private banks as they are governed by the Companies Act, the Parliament has to amend the Bank Nationalisation Act to permit parallel provisions for state-run banks.

  • This is the first time RBI is prescribing retirement age for Pvt. bank CEOs.
  • The RBI Move aligns retirement with the Companies Act 2013
  • Minimum age to become Manager is 21 years.
  • Maximum age for CEOs, whole-time directors is 70.
  • Age of Top Bank CEOs: Aditya Puri (MD & CEO HDFC Bank: 64 Years), Romesh Sobati (MD & CEO IndusInd Bank: 65 Years), Chanda Kochar (MD & CEO ICICI Bank: 52 Years).

Month: Categories: Business, Economy & Banking