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Government plans introducing AI system in MCA 21 portal

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has laid out its plans to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) system in its MCA 21 portal. It will be introduced when Ministry will roll out the Version 3 of the MCA 21.

Key Highlights

  • Background: In early 2019, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs sought applications from various service providers so as to develop as well as operate upgraded version of MCA 21 system.
  • Objective: To make compliance process easier and to ensure that routine enforcement activities are done regularly on autopilot basis.
  • Need: The main focus of Ministry in introducing AI system is to rationalise all forms filled and to follow principle of a single source of truth. This means that one would not be required to fill in the known details again, as it will get filled automatically.
  • The MCA also seeks to interlink databases so that routine enforcements are done 24×7 on autopilot basis.

About MCA 21

  • About: The MCA 21 is one of 31 Mission Mode Projects (MMP) of National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) of Government of India. This is first Mission Mode Project to be launched under NeGP and is e-governance initiative from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to meet stakeholder needs in the 21st century.
  • Background: The MCA 21 system was first started in 2006. The first phase (Phase I: from 2006- December 2012) of e-governance initiative of ministry was implemented by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and the ongoing second phase (Phase II: from January 2013-July 2021) is being implemented by Infosys.
  • Significance: The portal is electronic backbone of MCA for distribution of information to all its concerned stakeholders, including the investors, regulators and corporates. It protects investors and also offers many important services to stakeholders.
  • Function:
    • It regulates corporate affairs in India through Companies Act, 1956, 2013 and other allied Acts, Rules and Bills. It also allows electronic filings of various documents under Companies Act, 2013.
    • It has also fully automated all processes related to compliance and enforcement monitoring under the Act.
    • The portal act as a gateway to all guidance, services, and other corporate affairs related information

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InfyTQ App Launched

IT giant, Infosys has launched the app InfyTQ app to offer learning and engagement experiences for engineering students.

The online free platform InfyTQ is open to all engineering students in their third and fourth year. InfyTQ encourages holistic development by imparting technical as well as professional skills and helps them become industry ready.

How InftTQ will benefit the Students?

InfyTQ which is available on both mobile and desktop is equipped with a plethora of content, courses and news to establish talent readiness at an industry level through online assessments and certification.

InfyTQ will benefit students by enabling a process of continuous learning through a continuous transfer of digital skills and expertise from the Infosys innovation ecosystem.

Through courses centred around conceptual and practical aspects of technology, InfyTQ will help students receive a thorough understanding of the fundamental building blocks which includes extensive hands-on learning to aid the intelligent application of concepts in the real world.

InfyTQ will offer advanced learning materials and enable virtual programming environments for certain sets of students to further hone their technical skills.

The courses will also help students in navigating the art of effective contextual response, inter-personal relationships, communication and email, etiquette among others.

InfyTQ will also assist students to stay connected with the organization, keep up with the latest happenings and familiarize themselves with Infosys culture and value system

The employability of the Indian Engineering students has always put into question. The InfyTQ is a step forward in building the employability skills of the Indian Engineering students.

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