Innovation Current Affairs - 2020

CAWACH: Established by GoI to support startups working on COVID-19

The Department of Science and Technology has set up a Centre for Augmenting WAR with COVID-19 Health crisis. The centre is to be established at Rs 56 crores.


The CAWACH is being established by the DST to support the start-ups. It is to be implemented by SINE, IIT Bombay. The initiative will help identify innovative solutions to address the country’s need in diagnostics, ventilators and therapeutics.

The Programme will also guide the startups if in need at various stages. The expertise of DST will be deployed to support the startups in order to fast track the journey and scale up across geographies.

Key Features of the Initiatives

The initiative will also help in fund deployment for the startups. It will identify 50 innovative startups based on factors such as novelty, cost, solutions for sanitizers, therapeutics, disinfectants, respiratory aids, informatics and protective gears.

What is SINE?

SINE is Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. It is an incubator for technology solutions at IIT Bombay and is supported by Department of Science and Technology.

World Productivity Congress in India after 45 years of gap

The World Productivity Congress has been conducted by the World Confederation of Productivity Science since 1969. It was last held in India in 1974. The Congress is held under the theme

Theme: Industry 4.0-Innovation and Productivity


The 19th World Productivity Congress to be held in Bengaluru aims at catalyzing government approaches in enhancing productivity. It is to be held between May 6, 2020 and May 8, 2020.


The Congress will act as a platform to shape future productivity growth. It will also help India and other attending stakeholders to learn innovative approaches that are essential to support the growing population. It is expected that the world population will reach 9.7 billion by 2050 and 11.2 billion by 2100 according to the United Nations.


According to the World Economic Forum, India will become the third largest economy in the world after US and China by 2030. Also, in the next few years India is expected to grow at 7% though it is facing a slowdown currently. This huge market potential of India makes it an ideal choice for the 19th world productivity congress.