Insights Current Affairs - 2019

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Fact Box – "REX": World’s first complete bionic man

imageWhat is Rex ?

  • Researchers have built the world’s first complete bionic man named “Rex”.

Rex, which is on display in UK, has the face of a man, prosthetic limbs, a functional artificial blood circulatory system and artificial organs, including a pancreas, kidney, spleen and trachea. At 6.5-feet tall, Rex is valued at a whopping $1 million.

Rex showcases the potential future of prosthetics. As per scientists, in future, people may be able to fix a failing organ without having a transplant and without having to wait for a compatible donor.

Month: Categories: Science & Technology


DeiTy (India) to impose its own standard for electronic products

The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeiTy) has made it mandatory for all electronics goods manufacturer in the country to get standard compliant certificate from the BIS.

  • Applicable for electronic products imported or manufactured after April 2013.
  • Objective: To curb the grey market for sub-standard electronics products

How this move would help? What are the items covered under new standards?

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