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Train 18: India’s first engine-less train becomes country’s fastest train

India’s first indigenously designed locomotive-less (engine less) train known as Train 18, breached the 180 kmph speed limit during test run in Kota-Sawai Madhopur section. When this train is made operational, it will become the country’s fastest train. It is touted as next generation Shatabdi Express and will connect metros with other important cities.


Train 18 was rolled out in October 2018 at Chennai’s Integral Coach Factory (ICF). Earlier in November 2018, Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO) had announced its trial run successfully. During this trail on tracks in Moradabad division of Northern Railway, this train had ran up to 115 km per hour. The trials proved that train has defined track geometry parameters, curved alignments of specific radius and station yard zones. Major trials of this train are now over with just some more remaining. Once Train 18 becomes operational, it will commence its commercial operations from January 2019.

Train 18

It is capable of touching 200 kmph provided the rest of Indian Railways’ system such as tracks and signals permit. It will replacing current 30-year-old Shatabdi Express – a day train. Thus it is touted as next generation Shatabdi Express. It will be first long-distance train without separate locomotive (engine).

It has been indigenously developed by Chennai-based Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in just short time span of 18 months. It took investment of nearly Rs 100 crore to build this prototype and subsequent bulk production will bring down the cost. Thus, it will be cheaper compared to imported engine less train.

With 16 coaches, it will has same passenger carrying capacity as that of Shatabdi Express. It has aerodynamically designed driver cabins at both ends for quicker turn-around at destinations. It sports advanced regenerative braking system which saves power.

It is fully air-conditioned and offers better passenger comfort and safety, as all equipment are fixed under carriage, so that more space is available on board. It has soft lighting, automatic doors, footsteps and GPS-based Passenger Information System (PIS).

It also has onboard Wi-Fi and infotainment, and modular toilets with bio-vacuum systems. Footstep in coach’s doorway in this train slides outward when train stops at station, enabling passengers to board or deboard safely with comfort.

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Integral Coach Factory launches first stainless steel bodied MEMU

The Integral Coach Factory (ICF) for first time has rolled out three phase energy efficient eight car Mainline Electric Multiple Unit (MEMU) train set built with stainless steel bodies in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. MEMU is suburban train system that caters to needs of medium distance inter-city passengers.

Key Facts

Rake formation: The stainless steel MEMU consists of eight coaches — two driving motor coaches (DMC) at both ends with seating capacity of 55 passengers and standing capacity of 171 passengers (total 226 passengers) in each coach and six trailer coaches (TC) with seating capacity of 84 passengers and standing capacity of 241 (total 325 passengers) in each coach. Thus, total carrying capacity of this stainless steel MEMU rake is 2402 passengers.

Key Features: The MEMU is manufactured with stainless steel coach body and has aerodynamically shaped stainless steel front end nose for reduced air resistance, thereby saving in energy. It runs on self-propelled 25 kv AC Overhead Traction, supported by Regenerative braking system. It saves energy consumption up to 35% as compared to conventional EMU and MEMU trains. Its maximum speed is 110kmph

It has additional features like CCTV installed in each coaches for enhanced passenger safety. In addition, it has GPS based Passenger Information System (PIS) and Passenger Address System (PAS) in its all coaches. Even its loco pilot cabin also has been provided with CCTV cameras. Moreover, its every coach has been provided with modular toilets.

Integral Coach Factory (ICF)

ICF is manufacturer of rail coaches located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It was established in 1952. It is owned and operated by Indian Railways. It primarily manufactures rolling stock for Indian Railways and also exports railway coaches to other countries including Thailand, Myanmar, Taiwan, Zambia, Philippines, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam, Nigeria, Mozambique, Bangladesh, Angola and Sri Lanka. It employs about 11,095 people and manufactures about 2000 coaches per year.

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