Integrated Water Resources Management Current Affairs - 2020

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India-Netherland: “Water 4 change”, an urban water management system

The Centre for Water Resources Development and Management (CWRDM), operating under the Government of Kerala has launched the “Water 4 Change”. Under the project, six prominent institutions from Netherlands will perform a long-term research and field level action on urban water management systems along with Indian scientists.


The project will bring solutions for water problems in the cities of Kozhikode, Shimla, Bhuj and Bhopal. The project will address issues related to sanitary engineering, governance, urban planning, ecology, hydrology and economics in water handling.


The CWRDM was established by the Government of Kerala to cater the needs of research and development in water management of the state. The institution deals with environmental issues, drainage issues, water quality management and wet land management in the state

Kerala water resources

The state of Kerala being fed by the South West Monsoon is rich in water. There are around 44 rivers in the state. The average rainfall of the state is 3000 mm. However, due to poor water management the state faces water scarcity in certain regions.

The forest cover in the state was 50% in 1900. It has now depleted to 27% in 2018. Several districts in Kerala are facing water scarcity. It includes Kozhikode, Thiruvanathapuram. Also, the state fails to save water during the flooding season (June-September).

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India and ADB sign 91 million USD to improve water resources in Karnataka

On November 18, 2019, India and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed a 91 million USD agreement to improve water security of Karnataka. The loan will help to modernize the Vijayanagara Channel irrigation systems and also to increase the efficiency of Krishna river basin.

Highlights of the project

  • The Karnataka Government will strengthen the basin institutions for Integrated and Sustainable Water Resources Management Investment Programme.
  • The Programme plans to modernize about 442 kilometers of main distributaries in the Vijayanagara Channel network.
  • The programme has two project loans. It will help Karnataka water agencies to roll out efficient river basin management plans.
    • The first project will modernize the irrigation system
    • The second project will strengthen water governance


  • The programme will help to save 1,700 million cubic metres that can be used on additional 160,000 hectares of farm land
  • The project will establish 30 water user cooperative societies. This will strengthen irrigation canals of the farmers.
  • It will help to improve efficiency of 84% of state’s total water use.

Asian Development Bank

The Bank is on the foot steps of achieving prosperous, resilient, sustainable and inclusive Asia and Pacific. Its goal is to eradicate poverty. In 2018 alone, the bank provided a loan of 21.8 billion USD funding several projects in the region

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