Jammu & Kashmir Current Affairs - 2019

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Government announces RS. 745 Crore Package for J & K

PM Modi visited J&K on the occasion of Diwali to review the relief and rehabilitation efforts. In a press release he stated that ‘good governance, quick restoration of public infrastructure, revival of economic activity and creation of a conducive environment for bringing tourists to the state’ was the key to bringing back normalcy to J&K.

This is the PM’s second visit to J&K since it was affected by the floods.

Details of the Package

The Prime Minister has announced a Rs. 745 cr package to support the ongoing rehabilitation and renovation efforts in flood-hit J&K. vThe 745 cr package will be utilized for renovation of houses and six major hospitals which were damaged by the floods in J&K. Of this, 570 cr will be set aside for renovation of houses while the remaining 175 cr will be used for the immediate renovation work of the hospitals. This 175 cr will also cover costs for procurement of new equipments and machines for the hospitals.

The J&K government has been pressing for a Rs. 44,000 cr package.

Earlier, PM Modi had announced a Rs. 1,000 cr special assistance package for rehabilitation of the flood victims.

Constitution of Expert Committee

An expert committee under the Prime Minister’s Office has been constituted to oversee the rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts in J&K. The expert committee shall comprise of town planners, structural engineers, civil engineers, hydrologists, geologists, flood control experts and economists. These persons will be given the task of formulating and implementing a rehabilitation and reconstruction programme within a time frame and they will work directly under the PM.

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Key Points: PM Modi’s address to UN General Assembly

PM Modi’s first speech before the UNGA has been commended by his supporters and critics alike. He touched upon various topics concerning India and the world in his address, which was delivered in Hindi. The speech which lasted a little more than thirty minutes was read from a prepared text, and some parts were extempore too. Some of the points he made in his speech are as follows:-

  • The PM asserted that India’s future was tied with that of its neighbors. Citing instances of his government’s attempts to reach out to different neighbors, he also made it clear that no stable relationship could be built under the shadow of terrorism
  • Condemning terrorism and rising extremism in various parts of the world, he insisted that all nations of the world would have to function in unison to deal with such a menace. He also called for genuine dialogue and engagement between countries
  • In a rebuke to Mr. Nawaz Sharif’s reference to Kashmir in his speech, the PM said that it was pointless to raise bilateral issues in international forums like the UN
  • He also stated that it was now up to Pakistan to establish an atmosphere that was conducive to resuming talks
  • Rejecting unilateralism, he said that countries would have to work together to resolve the issues before them. Drawing on India’s ancient history and wisdom, he stated that India viewed the world as one. Even though India is a developing nation it is ready to share its modest resources with the world, he stated. He also questioned the necessity of various grouping of nations like G8 etc when a multilateral body like the UN existed.
  • He also called for reforms to the UNSC
  • He highlighted issues faced by nations and it people due to globalization and climate chang
  • He said that democratic principles and unity were on an upsurge in various parts of the world, highlighting Afghanistan and Nepal as examples. He also mentioned that the world was experiencing increasing levels of prosperity and stability, especially in Latin America
  • The PM drew on India’s soft power across the globe by making references to yoga and calling for celebration of International Yoga Day

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