January 2013 Current Affairs - 2020

JJB rejects bone ossification test plea

“The Juvenile Justice Board rejected the police request for his bone ossification test for age determination.”

“The inquiry against the accused who will be 0f 18 years in June 2013, will continue by the Juvenile Justice Board nevertheless as per Section 3 of the Juvenile Justice Act.”

What is bone ossification test?

  • image Ossification is the process of formation of new bone by cells called osteoblasts. As per scientific evidence, by the age of 25 years nearly all bones are completely ossified in humans. Ossification test is a guess work based on the fusion of joints in the human body b/w birth and age 25. If all joints are fused the person must be of 25yrs of age or older. As per experts that there can be an error of about 2 years in the age determined by the ossification test, but it is still more reliable than ascertaining the age on mere appearance basis.

Different ways to tell age of a person:

  • School Records
    Methods like Orchodometry which measures testicular volume. The test is available in India.
    Teeth (Forensic experts check teeth first. All molars are up by 18.)
    X-Ray of elbow, hip, knee, wrist, shoulders and collar-bones are taken for bone ossification (hardening) test. Bone age is correlated to chronological age.
    TW3 Test (Tanner-Whitehouse Tests) or Bone Maturation Test – Has been introduced by BCCI to check age fraud in junior cricket. It works out skeletal maturity from hand and wrist bones.
    Telomeres Age determination based on the length of telomeres, the protective cap of chromosomes. Telomere length varies with age.

What does Section 3 of the Juvenile Justice Act say?

India’s first ‘ebiz’ government-to-business portal launched

Promoting the National e-Governance Plan, the Govt the launch of an eBiz portal which will offer Government-to-Business (G2B) services for India’s investor and business communities.

Developed by: Infosys in a PPP (Public-Private Partnership) mode.


  • The portal provides a single-window service to enable businesses and investors to save time and costs and improve the business environment.
  • Government-to-Business (G2B) services for India’s investor and business communities.
  • A 24×7 facility for information and services, and will also offer joined-up services where a single application submitted by a customer, for a number of permissions, clearances, approvals and registrations, will be routed automatically across multiple governmental agencies in a logical manner.

As a part of the 10-year programme, Infosys will roll-out services in a phased manner. In the first year, eBiz will launch 29 services in the five states including Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.