Journalism Current Affairs - 2020

World Press Freedom Index: India ranks 142nd

On April 22, 2020, the Global Press freedom Index was launched. India ranked 142nd in the index and had dropped two places.

Highlights: India

The World Press Freedom Index says that with no murder of journalists in India in 2019 as compared to 2018, the security situation in the country has improved. According to the index, there were 6 murders of journalists in the country in 2018. According to the index, in India, there have been violations in press freedom, reprisals that were instigated by corrupt local officials and ambushes by political activists.

Highlights: World

According to the index, Pakistan ranked 145 dropping three places. Bangladesh ranked 151. Norway ranked first, North Korea was at 180th and China ranked 177th.

World Press Freedom Index

The Index is compiled and published by Reporters without borders, a Paris based non-profit organisation. Around 180 countries were ranked in the index. According to the index, South Asia performed the least as compared to all the other regions.

Former Rajya Sabha member and veteran journalist Patil Puttappa passes away

On March 17, 2020, the veteran journalist and Rajya Sabha member Patil Puttappa passed away at the Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS). He died due to age related ailments.

About Patil Puttappa

Puttappa represented the state of Karnataka for two terms. He was a hardcore Kannada activist, popular writer and a journalist. He was the founder and editor of the weekly magazine “Prapancha”. He actively participated in the freedom struggle. He was also the president of Kannada Watchdog Committee. He was also the founder president of Border Advisory Committee. He was fondly called “Papu”.

Contribution to Literature

Puttappa has authored several Kannada language books such as Kavi Lekhakaru, Neevu Nagabeku,, Karnataka Sangeetha Kalaratnaru, etc.


The Legend has also received several awards. It includes Nadoja award, Wooday award and Nrupatunga award.

Freedom fights and unification of Kannadigas

At the time of independence Puttappa was in the forefront demanding unification of areas of Kannadigas. Kannadigas are the group of people who speak the language of Kannada. There are several places that project the claim of Kannadigas over the land. Some of them are included in UNESCO World Heritage sites as well. Some of such UNESCO World Heritage sites are Ellora caves, Ajanta caves, elephanta caves, Konark sun temple, etc.