KP Sharma Oli Current Affairs - 2020

Nepal’s Prime Minister accused India of Cultural Encroachment by Stating ‘India Created Fake Ayodhya and Lord Rama was Nepali’

On the occasion of Bhanu Jayanti, Nepal’s Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli attended an event organized at his residence in Kathmandu in which he has now accused India of Cultural Encroachment.

Nepal’s Prime Minister’s Remarks on Ramayana

According to Nepal’s Prime Minister’s Knowledge, India has manipulated the history, Lord Rama was Nepali, Not Indian, and the Ayodhya City in which Lord Rama was born is a part of Nepal’s Parsa district’s Birgunj city.

He has further added that the holy place where King Dashrath had executed the rites to get the son and the Balmiki Asharam is also in Nepal.

The Nepali Prime Minister defended his words by stating that how it is possible for Lord Rama (from the Ayodhya in India) to travel to Janakpuri (in Nepal) to marry Sita at that time without any means of transportation. He explained further by saying that without any telephone or mobile phone how could Lord Rama (from Ayodhya in India) have come to know about Janakpuri.

By changing the Indian Epic ‘Ramayana’ in which Lord Rama is born in Ayodhya City in India’s State Uttar Pradesh, the intentions of the Nepali Prime Minister are quite clear as he further continues to deteriorate relation’s with India under China’s influence.

Broadcasting Ban on Indian News Channels in Nepal

On 9th July 2020, except for the Indian State-owned Doordarshan’s news channel DD News, Nepal based Multi-System Operators have issued a broadcasting ban on all other Indian News Channels in Nepal.

Nepal Communist Party Accused Indian Media

Earlier on 9th July 2020, the Spokesperson of Nepal Communist Party Narayan Kaji Shrestha had accused Indian News Channels of broadcasting defamatory shows against the Nepali Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli.

As per media reports from Nepal, the decision to ban broadcasting of Indian News Channels by the Multi-System Operators was taken after one of the Indian news channels had broadcasted a show in which the Nepalese Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli is being linked with the Chinese Ambassador to Nepal- Hou Yanqi for preventing the Nepal Communist Party Government from collapsing in Nepal.

Past Instance of Nepal issuing Broadcasting Ban on Indian Channels

Back in November 2015, Cable TV Operators of Nepal has blocked 42 Indian Channels from broadcasting in Nepal. The 2015 broadcasting ban of Indian Channels was due to the Nepalese Government accusing the Indian Government of slowing or stopping cross border traffic along the Nepal Border.

Indian Government didn’t slow or stopped the traffic on purpose along the Nepal border, the stoppage or slowed traffic was due to protests in Southern Parts of Nepal by the Nepali Citizens due to the newly adopted constitution of Nepal.