Kurds Current Affairs - 2019

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Australia and Canada join US-led military action against ISIS

Australia and Canada are the latest additions to the countries providing military support to the American led war on ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Australia has deployed its warplanes for air strikes in Iraq and will also send its special forces operatives on the ground. The Australian called the efforts ‘an essentially humanitarian mission’. Australia has been providing material to the effort even before it committed to military assistance.

Canada also announced the dispatch of its warplanes for conducting air strikes and surveillance missions in the region. It already has 26 troops in Iraq serving in a non-combative capacity

Participation of other countries

The US, France and UK have already been carrying out air strikes and other military operations in the Iraq-Syria region. Germany has sent arms and paratroopers to reinforce the fighters in the Kurdish region of Iraq. The Netherlands has sent its F-16 airplanes to supplement the other planes engaged in air strikes. Other European countries like Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium etc are shipping arms and equipment to the region.

The countries which have promised to provide support or are expected to assist in the near future are Spain, Italy and New Zealand.

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Turkish Kurds join battle against ISIS

Syrian Kurdish town of Ayn al-Arab which is facing high levels of unrest as they are battling their survival against ISIS militants who have surrounded the town on three sides, the fourth of which lies next to the Turkish border.
The town is seen full of Turkish Kurds who have come to fight and drive back the ISIS. The town is undergoing constant clashes between the People’s Protection Unit and the ISIS fighters. Latest round of ISIS advances in Syria have let the north-central Kurdish area flow into the hands of ISIS who are slowly advancing. The Kurdish leaders have warned of another humanitarian crisis and massacre. The ISIS have completely blockaded the area as many villages have fallen to the ISIS as the Kurdish forces retreated.
The minority Kurds have described it as an existential battle and have described it as a one which is highly important to stop the massacre of 50,000 Kurds who inhabit the area. Many Kurdish fighters are crossing borders to join the fight for existence. The Kurds have refused to move to the refugee camps and want to face and defeat ISIS. In another turn of events, ISIS has released 49 Kurdish hostages taken from Mosul after 3 months of captivity.
Turkey has opened its border with the town to allow people to move to its territory as refugees in the Sanliurfa province.

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