Leh Current Affairs - 2020

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First indigenous bio-jet fuel powered IAF aircraft lands successfully in Leh

The AN-32 aircraft of Indian Air Force powered with 10% blend of bio-jet fuel took off and landed successfully in Leh airport.


This is the first time, bot the engines of an aircraft are powered with bio-jet fuel. Leh is located at an altitude of 10,682 feet above sea level and is one of the highest operational air field. It challenging to fly an aircraft in the region due to wind turbulence and proximity of mountainous terrain.

Fuel Technology

The technology of the fuel was produced by CSIR-IIP in 2013. However, it couldn’t be used for commercial purposes due to lack of aviation test facilities. Indian Air force in 2018, sponsored the project and channelized material resources and human resources to complete fuel testing.

The bio-jet fuel is manufactured from “Tree-Borne oils”. The raw materials for the oil is grown and procured from Chhattisgarh tribal areas. This will help in reducing India’s dependence on crude oil imports and also will assist in reducing carbon emissions.

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Food Processing Summit held in Ladakh

On January 16, 2020, the Department of Industries and Commerce, functioning under Ministry of Food Processing Industries organized food processing summit in Ladakh. The other stakeholders of the summit include Invest India and National Investment Promotion and Facilitation agency.


The Summit was attended by food producers of Ladakh. It included producers of milk, barley, meat, organic vegetables, apples and apricots. The Ladakh Action Plan for Food Processing to promote food processing was presented at the summit.

The summit focused on chain mapping of food processing and recommended strategies to integrate local population towards agriculture and food processing. It also focused primarily on Leh and Kargil regions.

Current Scenario

Though Ladakh has the potential for growing cereals, vegetables and food grains, agriculture has now taken back seat in the rapid growth of the region. Agriculture has lost its place to the growing tourism in the region. Also, the other reasons for decreased participation of agricultural activities include low cropping intensity, short agriculture season and less productivity.

Government measures

The Government of India has been focusing on the following to develop agriculture in the region

  • GoI adopts improved green houses, poultry farming, lambing shed, value addition and marketing of horticultural products and compost pits.
  • It introduces high yielding crop varieties, seed production techniques, organic farming
  • The Union Government is also motivating farmers to adopt cold weather technologies to increase production.

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