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Disabled children are illiterate due to lack of support services: Report

According to the India Social Development Report (SDR) 2016, about 45% of all persons with disabilities (PWD) in India are illiterate.

They remain illiterate mainly because of lack of support services. The theme for this edition of report was ‘Disabilities Rights Perspectives’.

Key Highlights from report
  • The number of PWDs in India are 26.8 million or 2.2% of the population. However, the World Bank estimates it is 4 to 8% of the population.
  • Men formed 56% of the PWDs and 70% of the disabled population is in rural areas.
  • Movement disability accounted for the largest number of PWDs in India. It was followed by hearing disability and visual impairment.
  • 38% of all male PWDs were illiterate and the illiteracy rate was 55% for female PWDs. Whereas, India’s total literacy rate is 74 per cent.
  • For each category of disability, a greater proportion of women in it are illiterate than men. 76% of women with multiple disabilities are illiterate.
  • Interestingly, even in Kerala, which has near-total literacy, 33.1% of the PWDs were illiterate.
  • It estimated one-third are children with disabilities of the 75 million children of primary school age are out of school.
  • State governments must ensure availability of minimum support such as accommodation, assistive devices and transport for disabled children to complete their schooling.
How the report was prepared?

The report data was based on number of sources, including the census, National Sample Survey (NSS), data-sets of India Human Development Survey, and National Family Health Survey. Besides it also included the new data from fresh empirical studies.

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08 September: International Literacy Day

The International Literacy Day is being observed 08 September every year to emphasize the importance of literacy to individuals, society and communities

This year, the world is celebrating 50th International Literacy Day. The day was established in 1966 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

2016 Theme: Reading the Past, Writing the Future‘.

In India to observe this day, several functions have been planned by the National Literacy Mission Authority. The National Literacy Mission (NLM) was initiated by the government in 1988 with the objective of eradicating illiteracy.

In 1951, when first Census was conducted after Independence, the literacy rate of country was merely 18%.  However, in the last Census held in 2011 India has achieved a literacy rate of around 73%. The present national goal is to achieve literacy rate of 80 per cent by end of 12th Plan Period.


  • The UNESCO had announced September 8 as International Literacy Day on November 17, 1965 and it was first celebrated in 1966.
  • The objective of celebrating this day is to emphasize the significance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies.
  • On International Literacy Day every year, UNESCO retells the international community of the status of literacy and adult learning worldwide.

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