Lokpal Current Affairs - 2020

Lokpal Logo & Motto launched

The Chairman of Lokpal, Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose launched the logo of Lokpal, at an event held in New Delhi. The motto of Lokpal “मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम्” (Do not be greedy for anyone’s wealth) was also adopted. The Logo design of Prashant Mishra, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh was selected for adoption as Logo of Lokpal.

An open competition was conducted on Mygov portal (mygov.in), as well as through Lokpal registry mail, to invite entries for Logo and Motto/Slogan for using the same as Logo and Motto/Slogan of Lokpal in stationary, backdrop, and any other way that Lokpal deem fit. Through the Mygov portal, a total of 2236 entries received for Logo and total 4705 entries were received for Motto/Slogan from people of varied age groups and from different parts of the country.

About Lokpal Logo & Motto

LOGO: The logo of Lokpal is based upon literal meaning of LOKPAL which means: LOK- meaning people and PAL-  meaning caretaker, i.e. ‘caretaker of people’. The logo is in tricolor representing the national essence of LOKPAL and symbolizes how Lokpal protects and cares for people of India by establishing justice as per law. It also symbolizes various essence of LOKPAL figuratively in shapes like- people (three human figures), ombudsman (judges bench), vigilance (Ashok chakra forming eye–pupil), judicial (the tricolor two hands are placed below forming a unique balance) and law (shape of book in orange).

MOTTO: However, none of the motto received through portal was found suitable and thus on 17 October 2019, the Lokpal in its full bench meeting based on their own inputs and discussion unanimously decided to take one portion of the above 1st sloka of ‘Ishabasoupanishad. The finally selected slogan/motto for office of Lokpal is thus-“मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम्”( Do not be greedy for anyone’s wealth), which in hindi means मा गृधः= लोभ, मत करो, कस्यस्वित्=किसी के, धनम्=धन का i.e. किसी के धन का लोभ मत करो.

Former Supreme Court Judge Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose to be the First Lokpal

The name of former Supreme Court Judge Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose has been cleared by the Lokpal Selection Committee headed by the Prime Minister. The notification for the appointment is expected to be released soon. Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose would be the first Lokpal of India.

Salient features of the Lokpal Act 2013

  • The Lokpal Act provides for setting up of an anti-corruption ombudsman called Lokpal at the Centre and Lokayukta at the State-level.
  • The Lokpal would consist of a chairperson and a maximum of eight members of which 50 per cent shall be judicial members.  50 per cent of members of Lokpal shall be from SC/ST/OBCs, minorities and women.
  • The ambit of Lokpal would cover all categories of public servants, including the Prime Minister with the exception of armed forces.
  • The Lokpal Act mandated the states to institute Lokayukta within one year of the commencement of the Act.
  • Lokpal will also have powers of superintendence and direction over any investigation agency including CBI for cases referred to them by the Lokpal.
  • Lokpal is appointed based on the recommendation of the five-member panel comprising the Prime Minister, the Lok Sabha Speaker, the Leader of the Opposition, the Chief Justice of India and an eminent jurist nominated by the President.
  • President would appoint the eminent jurist based on the recommendations of the other members of the panel.

The government has proposed an amendment to the Lokpal Act 2013 to enable the leader of the largest Opposition party to be the member of the selection panel in the absence of the leader of Opposition. To designate the leader as Leader of Opposition the largest opposition party must have a strength of at least 10% of the total members in the House and none of the parties managed to cross this mark in 2014 general elections.