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ICOSIS unveils Ocean forecasting system for Comoros, Madagascar and Mozambique

The Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) of the Ministry of Earth Sciences inaugurated the Ocean Forecasting System for Indian Ocean countries Comoros, Madagascar, and Mozambique.

It was unveiled at the third Ministerial Meeting of Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System for Asia and Africa (RIMES) held at Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Key Facts

The Ocean Forecast System will offer, high wave alerts, port warnings, forecast, oil spill advisory services along the ship routes in addition to tsunami and storm surge warnings and help in search and rescue operations. These ocean services are aimed towards safety at the sea.

The ocean forecast and early warming information on winds, high wave, currents, tides, sub-surface ocean conditions will cater to users like coastal population, fishermen, tourism sector, coastal defence officials, port authorities, marine police, research institutions and offshore industries of these countries.


INCOIS has been developing Ocean Forecast System for the Indian Ocean countries and already has provided these operational services to Maldives, Sri Lanka and Seychelles. Moreover, the real-time data from territories of these countries also help India to improve the ocean forecast and early warning system.

Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS)

INCOIS is an autonomous organization of the Union Government, under the Ministry of Earth Sciences is a unit of the Earth System Science Organization (ESSO). It was established in 1999 and is headquartered in Pragathi Nagar, Hyderabad.

Its mandated is to provide the best possible ocean information and advisory services to government agencies, society, industry and the scientific community through sustained ocean observations and constant improvements through systematic and focussed research.

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Mr. Hery Rajaonarimampianina: New President of Madagascar

Screenshot_5Mr. Hery Rajaonarimampianina (55) has been declared as the President of Madagascar to restore democracy on the island nation in the following elections. He was officially declared as the president of the country by the president of the special electoral court, Mr. Francois Rakotozafy.  Mr. Hery got 53.49 % votes during the run-off presidential election while Jean Louis Robinson had 46.51 %.

Mr. Hery is the 8th elected Malagasy president and 11th chief of state since Madagascar’s independence in 1960. He was the former Finance Minister of Madagascar. The World Bank in its report on Madagascar estimated that the political crisis of the country costs it around $8 billion in lost growth. In 2012, the economy of the country grew just by 3.1%, which made it to lag behind most African nations.

Note: The election is an attempt to restore normality to the country and to induce foreign investment and boost anemic growth.

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