Medical Technology Current Affairs

Scientists develop smart bandage to promote better, faster healing

Scientists from US have developed a smart bandage that can precisely control dose and delivery schedule of medication tailored for a specific type of wound, leading to faster healing.

This is the first bandage that is capable of dose-dependent drug release and can be used to heal chronic wounds or battlefield injuries. Moreover, this platform can be applied to many different areas of biomedical engineering and medicine.

Smart Bandage

The smart bandage consists of electrically conductive fibres coated in a gel that can be individually loaded with infection-fighting antibiotics, painkillers, tissue-regenerating growth factors or other medications. It has microcontroller having size of postage stamp, which can be triggered by smartphone or other wireless device. When it is triggered, microcontroller sends small amounts of voltage through a chosen fibre which heats fibre and its hydrogel, releasing whatever cargo it contains.


Versius: world’s smallest surgical robot developed by UK scientists

Scientists in the United Kingdom (UK) have developed the world’s smallest surgical robot called Versius. It was developed using low-cost technology used in mobile phones and space industries.

The robot can mimic human arm and can be used to carry out a wide range of surgical procedures. It can be controlled by a surgeon using a console guided by a 3D screen in the operating theatre.

Key Facts

Versius can make series of small incisions that will circumvent the need for traditional open surgery. These include colorectal operations, hernia repairs, as well as prostate, ear, nose and throat surgery. It is much easier to use than existing systems, and requires about a third of the space of current machines.

It works like a human arm and contains technology that detects resistance to make sure the right amount of force is used when the instruments are inside the patient. It can help to reduce complications and pain after surgery and speed up recovery time for patients.