Meghalaya Current Affairs - 2020

India, China to have Joint Military Exercise in Meghalaya

The annual Joint Military Exercise ‘Hand-in-Hand’ between India and China will be held at Umroi, near Shillong, Meghalaya in December 2019. The two-week long company-level exercise will take place in 2nd half of December while the planning conference to finalise modalities for joint exercise will be held in August 2019.

Key Highlights

The 2019 Hand-in-Hand exercise will be 8th edition of India and China military drill that was resumed in 2018 following a freeze over Doklam stand-off.

The 2018 exercise, which was 7th edition, was held in Chengdu in December 2018.

Company Level: In Umroi, Meghalaya the India and China military exercise will be at company level, it means that around 100-120 infantry troops from both sides will be participating.

Focus Area: Both forces will focus on counter-terror operations, establishment of joint command post, joint combat drill, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations.


Joint Military Exercise Hand-in-Hand was 1st started in 2007 in Kunming (in China) but was halted after Chinese troops came to Belgaum in Karnataka for 2nd edition of exercise. The exercised was resumed only 5 years later in 2013 when India and China suspended their military ties because of a staple visa row.

In 2016 after 6th edition of exercise in Pune it again got derailed because of 73-day stand-off between two military forces in Sikkim’s Doklam area where troops from both sides (People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers and Indian Soldiers) came face to face.

This situation eased in 2018 and troops from both sides interacted once again in China.

Despite recent incident in Ladakh’s Demchok region where a Chinese group objected to locals celebrating birthday of Dalai Lama’s, the 2019 drill is still on track. This situation was diffused in flag meeting as is the practice.

Meghalaya becomes 1st state to ensure Water Conservation

Meghalaya became 1st state in India to ensure conservation of water and have its own State Water Policy. This move comes following a nod given by State Cabinet for the purpose.

Key Highlights

The draft policy was approved by Meghalaya’s State Cabinet in a meeting chaired by state’s Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma.

Amid water crisis in country, this draft water policy of Meghalaya would work towards addressing water issues, conservation, and protection of water sources in state.

About ‘State Water Policy’ of Meghalaya


  • To recognize water resources as a common pool resource (CPR) as these are susceptible to overuse
  • To provide safe and hygienic water for drinking, domestic needs and sanitation
  • Livelihood development to all residents of state

Community Participation: Among other things, draft State Water Policy of Meghalaya seeks to protect and improve management of water resources while actively involving community participation.


Policy intends to achieve sustainable development, management and use of water resources with help of community participation. This will help improve health and livelihood as well as reduce vulnerability among people.

At village level committees will be formed and issue of groundwater will also be catered by this policy. Also, state department will also monitor quality of the water to check if it has a high Iron content or if it’s acidic.

Protecting Catchment Areas: Policy also seeks to ensure protection and conservation of catchment areas of all water sources in state so as to prevent degradation of quantity and quality of water sources. It also outlines issue of river pollution.

Implementation: For the purpose of implementation of the policy via active participation of the community a Water Sanitation Village Council at the village level would be constituted.


This policy would go long way in changing mindset of people and proper utilization of water.

It will also assure of good governance for present and future generations via Integrated Water Resources Management and Environmental Sustainability