Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Current Affairs - 2020

President Trump visit to India: 2 MoUs and 1 Letter of Cooperation signed

On February 24, 2020, the US President Donald Trump visited India along with his wife Melania Trump. On the sidelines of his visit, agreements were signed in the field of health, oil and defence.


In the Defence Sector, 3 billion USD worth deal was signed to buy helicopters. The Memorandum of Understandings were signed in the field of oil and health. In the field of health, Central Drugs Standard Control Organization and the US Food and Drug Administration signed agreements over the safety of medical products.

Significance of MoU with USFDA

It is essential to be on good equations with the USFDA and also abide by its regulations. This is because, the pharmaceutical exports to USA require USFDA certification. And US is the top export destination of Pharmaceuticals for India. In 2018-19, around 5820 million USD worth pharmaceuticals were exported to US from India.

The signing of this MoU will help the pharmaceuticals increase their exports to US.

Other Agreements

An MoU was also signed between the mental health departments of the countries. The countries also signed a letter of cooperation in the field of Oil.

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Govt signs MoU with NATHEALTH to streamline delivery of services under PMJAY

National Health Authority (NHA) implementing agency of Ayushman Bharat, Centre’s flagship healthcare scheme has signed Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH) to streamline delivery of services under Ayushman Bharat.

Key Highlights of MoU

Objective: Partnership between National Health Authority (NHA) and Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH) aims-

  • To enable an ecosystem for industry partners within NATHEALTH network to participate in testing, piloting, adopting, funding and scaling innovations.
  • To streamline all innovations so as to ensure that it increases efficacy of service delivery of Ayushman Bharat.
  • To provide and enable a healthcare innovation ecosystem that supports healthcare innovators as well as provides them opportunities to partner and scale.

Need: In the time when plethora of healthcare innovations are happening across country, it is crucial to empower them by providing right support.


  • This collaboration will provide an industry interface for testing innovations, providing mentorship as well as creating channels for facilitating support required for scaling these innovations.
  • This joint initiative will also bolster NHA’s effectiveness in implementing its innovation strategy, which is aligned with its vision of Health for All.
  • Partnership will help in linking PMJAY, industry and innovators thus enabling increased adoption of numerous inventions, leading to an increase in access to quality care delivered under PM-JAY.

About Ayushman Bharat

It is centrally sponsored scheme also known by Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) or National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS).

Launched: It was launched in September 2018 with aim to make interventions in primary, secondary and tertiary care systems in country so as to address healthcare holistically. It covers both preventive and promotive health.

Ayushman Bharat-National Health Protection Scheme (AB-NHPS), an insurance scheme seeks to provide a health cover of up to Rs.5 lakh per family per year for secondary and tertiary care hospitalisation to over 10.74 crore vulnerable families. It provides a cashless and paperless access to services for beneficiary at point of service.

Significance: Since its launch under PMJAY more than 15,000 hospitals and health care providers have been empanelled across the country and around 26 Lakh people have availed treatment so far in several hospitals across country.

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